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August 2016 Archives

Nursing home neglect blamed for woman's death

The death of a woman in another state has led to a lawsuit. The elderly woman was a resident of a nursing home, and the administrator of the woman's estate has alleged that nursing home neglect caused the woman's death. Nursing homes in New Mexico and other states may be held financially responsible for deaths that happen on their watch due to their negligence when caring for patients.

Science may help to reduce effects of serious injury to brain

Traumatic brain injury is an all-too-common result of car crashes and other accidents in New Mexico. Patients who have suffered serious injury to the brain often recover. However, following their initial injury, they may develop other chronic conditions in the following days and weeks, including memory issues and depression. However, scientists recently reported that they may be able to reduce these major effects through a nanoparticle that targets neurons.

New way found to study patients with serious injury to the brain

Brain injury in New Mexico occurs when a person suffers a blow to his or her head. Although a serious injury to the brain can lead to long-term problems, such as memory issues, scientists are working to advance their understanding of brain injury and how to treat it. Some researchers recently developed a way to observe the changes that take place in neurons when a person is struck in the head, and these changes can be observed in real time.

Nursing home neglect suit may be filed after woman found dead

Sometimes nursing homes in New Mexico fail to exercise a reasonable degree of care in regards to their residents. Unfortunately, the outcome may be fatal in these situations. One family recently said it was considering filing a nursing home neglect lawsuit against a nursing facility after the woman they had placed in the facility was found dead in a marsh.

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