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Can staying connected protect your loved one from abuse?

When your loved one must go to live in a New Mexico nursing home, it is a huge change for everyone involved. You probably believe that this move is the best thing for your loved one. It will keep him or her safer and ensure he or she gets the care needed. However, nursing home abuse is a problem of which you must be aware. One way you might be able to help ensure your loved one does not become a victim of abuse, according to the Center of Excellence on Elder Abuse & Neglect, is to stay connected.

Why are nursing home deaths kept so quiet?

If you have a loved one in a nursing home in New Mexico, his or her well-being is probably a top priority. You may check in often and ensure he or she is treated well. You may also take joy in finding that your loved one is making friends and developing a support system within the nursing home of other residents. However, you may have run across a time when your loved one has lost a friend due to death. It might surprise you to learn nobody shared the details with the other residents or even made an announcement of the death. This is because deaths are usually handled very quietly and in secret.

Falls the leading cause of fatal injury among older adults

When you leave your loved one in a New Mexico nursing home, you want to feel confident that someone is looking out for him or her and making efforts to reduce any hazards that could potentially lead to injury. Regrettably, however, today’s older Americans are falling and injuring themselves at alarming rates, and many residents who suffer serious falls live in nursing home or assisted living facility environments. At the Harvey & Foote Law Firm, we understand that when older people fall, serious injuries often result, and we have helped many people who suffered injury or hardship because of nursing home negligence pursue appropriate recourse.

Common safety violations in assisted living facilities

Assisted-living facilities are notorious for the neglect of their elderly patients. Numerous stories have come to light about the blatant mistreatment of senior citizens in American institutions. These reports naturally may have you worried about the well-being of your parent. On the other hand, perhaps you believe your loved one is safe because nothing as severe as outright physical abuse has occurred.

How do nursing homes get licensed?

If you are looking into nursing homes for yourself or a loved one, you will start to see that these facilities are licensed by the state. A nursing home license helps ensure the facility has the ability to properly care for residents. A facility must meet certain requirements and provide specific documentation to show it qualifies for the license, according to the New Mexico Department of Health.

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