Be Able To Notice The Signs Of Elder Financial Abuse

Elder abuse sadly occurs in many nursing homes around the country. USA Today tracked where many of these instances happened. Although it did not have reported data for New Mexico, it is safe to say the state still has a long way to go when it comes to ensuring all senior citizens in nursing homes are safe.

Nursing home abuse takes many forms. While physical abuse and neglect certainly happen, many seniors fall victim to financial scams. In many cases, the caretakers in the facilities take advantage of their positions to acquire money and valuables. Look out for the following signs if you worry a caretaker has abused his or her position.

Unpaid Bills And A Lack Of Food In The Room

It is vital for family members to check in on elderly loved ones often. During these visits, you should look around the room to ensure everything is in order. This includes checking to see how much food is around and whether the loved one can pay all bills. A mismanagement of money may not necessarily be the senior’s fault. It could be a caretaker, and the senior feels too embarrassed to seek help.

High Withdrawals From Accounts

At a certain age, it is good for other family members to be able to access a senior’s bank accounts. You should check these accounts regularly to make sure nothing appears out of the ordinary. Most banks will allow you to set alarms, so if any expensive purchases do appear, then you will receive a notification right away.

Sudden Changes In The Loved One’s Demeano

Caretakers, who are people seniors should be able to trust, taking advantage of their positions can lead to serious mental and emotional consequences. The senior may become more reserved or depressed. Additionally, you should take note if the senior continually refuses to go out to family events. It could be a sign he or she is in financial distress and needs help.

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