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Know what to do if your loved one dies in a nursing home

Having a loved one in a nursing home often worries you that you'll one day get a phone call that they have passed away. While you know that this is probable, it isn't going to make things any easier when you do get the call. You should be prepared for what steps you need to take next.

Planning a funeral is emotionally taxing

The loss of a loved one is a tragic occurrence, especially when the death was unexpected. While some people who have family members in a nursing home know that the person's passing is imminent, there are others who learn of a sudden death that was due to the actions of the nursing home staff. This brings up many emotions that might not be present in other cases.

Negligence in nursing homes can lead to resident deaths

Having a loved one in a nursing home means that you're trusting the staff members to take good care of them. Many people who work with residents take pride in getting to know them and help them live the fullest life possible. Unfortunately, there are sometimes staff members who are just there to make money and don't have any interest in making sure the residents are cared for properly.

Wrongful death lawsuits allege nursing home neglect

Many people in New Mexico are concerned about the care their loved ones will receive in a nursing home. There have been lots of reports of abuse and neglect at care facilities, and people may find it difficult to determine if a particular facility will be a safe place. Many elderly people living in nursing homes are vulnerable, may have memory issues and find it hard to advocate for themselves. This can be especially troubling if relatives are unable to frequently visit their loved one in the facility.

New Mexico nursing homes sued for abuse

It is heartbreaking to discover your loved one is not being treated with the dignity and respect he or she deserves while in the care of a nursing home. At the Harvey & Foote Law Firm, we have handled many cases in which New Mexico nursing home residents were harmed by the negligent or abusive actions of caregivers.

Considering your emotional loss

There are few things worse than having your trust betrayed. At Harvey and Foote Law Firm, we understand that there could be a number of conflicting and confusing emotions involved in serious injury cases involving seniors. Anger, guilt, remorse, sadness: These words do little to describe the feeling of loss that occurs when your loved ones suffer an injury while under a supposedly responsible party's care.

The emotional toll of losing someone you love

Medical professional negligence takes a variety of forms and the consequences of these mistakes vary. Sometimes, people become seriously hurt or fall ill, while others may even lose their lives. When someone passes away as a result of a doctor's error or another medical professional's poor decision, their loved ones may never be able to fully recover from the loss. Sadly, the emotional toll of losing a loved one to medical professional negligence can be absolutely devastating, and it may even derail someone's life. As a result, we believe that the families of those who have passed away in Albuquerque and across New Mexico deserve justice.

What security measures should a nursing home take?

Making the decision to put your loved one in a nursing home in New Mexico is never easy. When you do have to make that decision, you want to be sure the place is well managed and will provide a safe and secure home for your loved one. One of the things you should check into is the safety measures the nursing home has in place.

What are the risks of understaffing in nursing homes?

When you check into a nursing home in New Mexico for a loved one, you should always look at the staff. Learning more about the staff can help you to better understand how well the nursing home operates and whether your loved one will get the proper care there. If the nursing home is understaffed, that is a red flag. Understaffing is a major issue in nursing homes and can lead to many problems for the residents.

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