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April 2020 Archives

Nursing home neglect: Is your loved one malnourished?

When you visited various New Mexico nursing homes in search of a new residence for your aging parent, you may have had a list of priority issues in mind. For instance, perhaps your loved one has a physical or mental health condition that requires specialized care. Maybe your mother or father is in relatively good health but wanted to find a facility that provides a lot of social activities.

Why do nursing home residents develop infections there?

Researchers published a study highlighting some of the dangers that nursing home residents face in the Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology journal last year. In that article, they highlighted how older nursing home residents are at a significantly higher risk of acquiring health care-associated infections than others. The researchers identified various reasons why this is the case.

Negligence in nursing homes can lead to resident deaths

Having a loved one in a nursing home means that you're trusting the staff members to take good care of them. Many people who work with residents take pride in getting to know them and help them live the fullest life possible. Unfortunately, there are sometimes staff members who are just there to make money and don't have any interest in making sure the residents are cared for properly.

Can most nursing home falls be attributed to neglect?

Families often place their aging loved ones into nursing homes because they believe that they'll be able to pay more attention to the loved one's every need than they can. What these family members often don't realize is how lighting, flooring, poorly selected furniture and inadequate handrails can put their loved ones at serious risk of getting hurt or killed.

Know the types of nursing home abuse that might occur

People who are living in nursing homes deserve to have a safe environment. They shouldn't ever have to worry about being abused by the employees who are supposed to take care of them. While most of the workers do care about the residents, there are some who act in a horrendous manner toward the people they should be caring for.

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