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November 2014 Archives

Researchers list causes of serious injury to children's brains

Parents spend countless hours watching over their toddlers as they learn to navigate through their world, in order to prevent harm from befalling them. According to a recent study, parents have good reason to worry, since the majority of children under two who suffer a serious injury to their brains may do so through falls. Parents in New Mexico and across the country may be interested in learning more about the researchers' findings.

Does cerebral palsy result from hospital mistakes?

A birth injury can result from a variety of causal factors, but the vast majority of New Mexico birth injury cases are related to cerebral palsy or Erbs palsy (Erbs palsy is also known as brachial palsy). Both of these medical conditions can be caused by hospital mistakes or other medical malpractice during child delivery. Cerebral palsy can also occur before the delivery takes place and even after the delivery. In this article, the definitions and causes of cerebral palsy will be discussed.

Serious injury alert: Some baby powders may contain asbestos

Unfortunately, construction workers are not the only ones in danger of asbestos exposure. New Mexico residents who use talcum powder or baby powder on themselves or their families could be experiencing dangerous levels of asbestos exposure capable of causing serious injury. Talcum powder is a common ingredient found in baby powders and cosmetics too.

New Mexico strip club shooting leads to serious injury and death

A fight at a New Mexico strip club became deadly when one man pulled a gun and shot two other men. What seemed like a friendly arm wrestling match -- that ended with the men hugging and making amends -- later escalated in the parking lot. One man pulled his gun and discharged it. The shooting left one man dead and another man with a serious injury requiring hospital care.

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