Signs Of Abuse Sometimes Mimic Those Of Dementia

Senior citizens who are living in nursing homes deserve the care they need to live their remaining days comfortably. Many employees who work in these facilities enjoy working with the elderly population and work hard to take care of them. Unfortunately, there are some abusive individuals who see the situation as a way to make others suffer.

Nursing home residents who are abused face a very tough reality. They are sometimes too scared to speak up about what’s going on. If they aren’t afraid of saying something, they might feel as though they are a bother if they do let someone know. This keeps them in the cycle of abuse, which shouldn’t ever happen.

People who have a loved one in a nursing home should watch their loved one closely for signs that they aren’t being treated properly. This might be a challenge when the person has dementia or a related condition because some of the symptoms of the disease mimic the signs of abuse.

One of the most obvious signs of abuse is that the resident will have marks, such as bruises or cuts, that are evident. These may occur under the clothing, which makes it a bit more difficult to spot. But, it is possible that they’re being abused even if you don’t see those marks.

Being withdrawn or seeming sullen can signal abuse. These are two signs that are also related to a mental health decline that’s common in senior citizens. If you notice this, especially if they are coupled with visible marks or an uptick in injuries to the resident, you should take swift action to find out what’s going on.

nursing home resident who is subjected to abuse might opt to file a legal claim. This can help them cope with the financial damages that come from the situation.

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