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Untreated car accident injuries can lead to wrongful death

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2017 | Wrongful Death |

If you have never been involved in a car accident in Albuquerque before, then you might not realize how life-changing the event can be. Although you might not want to think about being injured in one, you should not overlook the possibility that you or a loved one could die in a collision. In 2016, 402 people in New Mexico lost their lives to motor vehicle wrecks, states the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Highway Loss Data Institute. Many of the victims were not drivers, some of them were vehicle occupants. 

It is not uncommon for some car accident victims to avoid medical care right after their ordeals. They may think they have nothing to worry about because they look and feel normal. However, some individuals do not realize they have internal injuries that might not show up until days later. Abdominal pain, severe bruising and headaches can indicate internal hemorrhaging and serious soft tissue injuries that can be life-threatening, states FindLaw. 

Failure to get medical attention right after a car accident can be fatal. Treatable injuries become untreatable. The chances of recovering decrease the longer it takes for you to get checked out. Though it may seem like an inconvenience and unwelcome expense, it is far better for you to know for certain you do not have any life-threatening injuries. Immediate medical attention also improves the prognosis of any critical injuries you might have. 

Keep in mind that there are things you can do to minimize your risk of serious injury in car accidents, but there are no guarantees. Every accident situation is different and has many variables that determine the outcome. One of the most important things you can do after a collision is to undergo a medical assessment by emergency responders and to follow up with your physician.