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Vape pen explosions may cause serious injury

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2017 | Burn Injury |

Many people in New Mexico have taken up vaping as arguably a healthier alternative to smoking. While some use e-cigarettes as an interim between smoking and quitting, others simply enjoy the sensation of vaping.  Recently, however, vape pens have been blamed for a serious injury nearly once a week, and medical experts are issuing urgent warnings.

In the past year, one hospital burn unit has seen at least 50 patients injured by exploding e-cigarettes. It is thought that the batteries in the pens, often made overseas, overheat and explode, causing burns and chemical injuries. If carried in the pocket at the time of the explosion, the victim may suffer trauma to the legs and groin. Often, however, the pen will explode while someone is vaping, causing burns to the hands, face and mouth.

Doctors say many of the injuries were second degree burns, but others were severe enough to require surgery. Millions of people, including teenagers, use the e-cigarettes every day, and consumers have no way of knowing if the pens are high quality or made overseas. While advocates promote the pens as safer than the addictive ingredients of a tobacco cigarette, some doctors feel people are gambling with their lives.

Despite the increasing reports of serious injury from vape pens, they continue to be marketed as safe and sold by the millions. Numerous vapers in New Mexico have suffered burns from the defective products and may have incurred high medical bills toward their recovery. They have every right to consult an attorney to determine the steps to take to recoup their losses.

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