Technology May Help With Diagnosing Serious Injury To Brain

Software that is currently being developed may help medical professionals to create three-dimensional models of people’s brains on location and then send them to experts for rapid diagnosis. The development of this technology is still in its early stages. However, it has already been used on real patients on a trial basis to test how viable it is for patients who have suffered a serious injury to the brain in New Mexico and other states.

The technology has been recommended for military applications, and for use on soldiers on the battlefield. However, it may also prove useful in civilian life. Paramedics could use it to record head ultrasounds for the purpose of diagnosing brain hemorrhage. It may especially be beneficial for patients who live remotely and thus have a lengthy distance to travel to the hospital.

A closed brain injury particularly may have long-term consequences or even lead to death. This type of injury includes internal bleeding or other types of damage that the head suffers due to a knock or explosion. If closed brain injuries are identified early on, it is possible to take emergency steps to prevent long-term damage, such as taking medication or drilling holes in a person’s skull so as to relieve pressure. Even minor injuries to the head may lead to complex complications in the long term if early treatment is not provided. These complications include memory problems, depression, and attention deficit.

A person in New Mexico who has suffered a serious injury to the brain due to the carelessness of another person may opt to file a personal injury claim against that person, seeking damages. A monetary award might help the victim to cover his or her injury-related medical costs and other expenses related to the brain injury. It may also help to address the emotional distress caused by the injury-causing incident.

Source:, “New head-scanning ultrasound technology could help diagnose brain injuries“, Matthew Driver, June 23, 2016

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