New Research Affects Those With Serious Injury To The Brain

In New Mexico and elsewhere, traumatic brain injury is all too common. It can result from an accident such as a fall or a motor vehicle crash. These types of injuries can negatively impact a person cognitively and emotionally. New research has focused on the drop in blood pressure that may occur for some people with a serious injury to the brain.

According to the new research, hypotension may occur with regard to an injured brain at a much higher blood pressure level than advised by current guidelines. In the past, medical professionals were taught that damage occurs as soon as an injured person’s blood pressure is under 90 mmHg. However, the new study showed that this is not necessarily the case. In reality, for brain injury patients who have systolic pressures from 40 to 120 mmHg, their mortality increases as their blood pressure decreases. No magic cut-off exists.

The research results show that blood pressure must be treated aggressively across a larger spectrum than formerly considered. The research is changing how scientists think about the blood pressure of patients who have serious brain injuries in the acute care setting. It is essentially being called a huge paradigm shift.

Sometimes traumatic brain injury happens because of the negligence of another individual, such as a property owner who did not keep up his or her property, or another motorist on the road. If a person in New Mexico suffers a serious injury to the brain in such a situation, he or she may opt to file a personal injury claim against the reportedly at-fault party, seeking a monetary judgment for damages incurred. If he or she prevails and receives a damage award, the award may help to cover his or her medical bills and other related financial losses.

Source:, “Traumatic Brain Injury and Blood Pressure — A Paradigm Shift“, Sue Hughes, Dec. 28, 2016

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