Science May Help To Reduce Effects Of Serious Injury To Brain

Traumatic brain injury is an all-too-common result of car crashes and other accidents in New Mexico. Patients who have suffered serious injury to the brain often recover. However, following their initial injury, they may develop other chronic conditions in the following days and weeks, including memory issues and depression. However, scientists recently reported that they may be able to reduce these major effects through a nanoparticle that targets neurons.

When somebody’s head is struck, the damage sometimes goes beyond the injury blow. For instance, the accident victim may experience inflammation of the brain, and brain cells may even die. This can lead to cognitive and physical issues over time.

However, it may be possible to deliver short ribonucleic acid (RNA) stretches to treat the after-effects of traumatic brain injury. Still, it can be hard to move RNA to the section of the brain that has been damaged since a barrier separates the fluid surrounding the brain cells from circulating blood. Researchers recently explored the possibility of rushing RNA to the target brain cells soon after a brain injury while the barrier between the blood and brain-cell fluid has been weakened. The continued advances being made in science may certainly one day help people suffering from traumatic brain injury to overcome the potentially life-altering consequences of this type of injury.

If serious injury to the brain occurs as a result of the negligence of another party in New Mexico, the injured person has the right to file a personal injury claim against the person deemed to have caused the injury. A successfully litigated case may lead to a monetary damage award for the plaintiff. The award cannot undo the events leading to the injury, but it may make it easier for the accident victim to cover related costs and other financial losses.

Source:, “Curbing the life-long effects of traumatic brain injury“, Aug. 17, 2016

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