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Serious injury after iPhone 6 burns whole through man’s pants

On Behalf of | Oct 24, 2014 | Burn Injury |

Albuquerque residents may be interested to know the story of a man in a neighboring state who was burned by his iPhone 6. The story has drawn attention from national media outlets after the hottest new phone on the market allegedly caused the man to suffer second-degree burns. He says that his iPhone 6 caught fire in his pocket and burned a hole straight through his pants. He claims that he suffered a serious injury on his leg as a result.

The man showed his jeans to reporters — jeans that are now burnt and damaged. He was wearing them when the accident with his new iPhone 6 occurred — an accident that left him with a bandaged wound. The burn victim admits that he still likes Apple and its products, and he still wants to use in them in the future, but that does not mean that he does not want answers.

The burned man said that he was riding with his family in a rickshaw on Oct. 11 when the rickshaw unexpectedly tipped over. As he clumsily escaped the out of control rickshaw, his iPhone hit a metal bar on the vehicle. That is when he discovered that his pants were on fire. He struggled to free the burning phone from his pocket, but not before suffering the second-degree burns.

Albuquerque residents may wish to take care with their new iPhone 6s to avoid a similar catastrophe. Those who have suffered serious injury due to a defective Apple product — or another type of defective product — may wish to pursue legal claims relating to their losses. If successfully navigated, such a claim could be a way for victims to pay for costly medical services required for their injuries.

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