Senator Calls For More Nursing Home Inspections

Residents of New Mexico may want to learn more about recent calls for more inspections in nursing homes. Problems with nursing homes put your loved ones at risk, and inspections may catch some issues before they become disasters. You want your loved ones and family to have the best of care and living conditions as they age.

According to media reports, the Senator from Pennsylvania is calling for more inspections to comply with government standards. He feels that many of the worst nursing homes are not receiving inspection nearly enough.

Letter Sent to Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

Participants in the Special Focus Facility (SFF) program are those who need monitoring. These homes have repeatedly not met federal standards and need closer watching. Every six months, rather than 15 months should be the goal.

Many Homes in the Special Program Are Not Inspected Regularly

There may be shortages in staffing, and government needs to know what part that plays in the conditions of the nursing homes. CMS should have a responsibility in overseeing SFF homes.

Family Needs to Know the Nursing Home Rating

Families should know about the shortcomings of a facility, so they can make the decision as to whether to choose it for their loved one. Senators feel this list of SFF homes should be public. Conditions that are not satisfactory can lead to other issues for families, such as nursing home abuse and neglect.

Ratings that are available could help families find the right home. They would then have the knowledge to avoid problems that might arise.

A Bill Introduced

In 2021, a bill was introduced to provide oversight and resources for those nursing homes in the SFF program. There are 400 candidate facilities across the U.S.

More nursing home inspections are a need. This holds true, especially for those on the list called Special Focus Facility (SFF). Senators want inspections more often. You want these as well, as your loved one should be in the best of conditions.

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