Physical Abuse In Nursing Homes Must Be Stopped

There are many types of abuse that nursing home residents can experience. Sadly, they often won’t speak up about what they’re going through because they feel like they are causing trouble. In some cases, they might even blame themselves for the abuse. There isn’t ever a reason for nursing home residents to have to deal with any form of abuse.

Physical abuse is often the easiest to spot because the person may have bruises and other marks. It’s also possible that staff members might use drugs or physical restraints, which are also forms of abuse in almost every case.

Working with the elderly residents of nursing homes requires a lot of patience. When the resident isn’t cooperating with staff members, the frustration may come out. The facility should have protocol in place to help the staff member to address their agitation because turning to physical means to force the resident to take the desired action would be considered abuse.

Interestingly, the abuse might not come only at the hands of the staff members. It may come from other residents, but if the staff members allow it to continue, it could be construed as abuse.

Residents who are abused are likely going to suffer physically. This can lead to the need for medical care and it can have a negative impact on their finances. The resident might opt to seek compensation for the damages they suffered because of the abuse. They should also take steps to stop the abuse. Bringing it to light might help others to avoid having to go through the same thing.

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Giving the Injured a Voice

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