What Should You Look For In Group Homes For Seniors?

The increase in group homes for senior citizens has many people wondering if a group home is the right place to move an aged loved one. Group homes are a way for New Mexico seniors to live in a place where they can receive care while still retaining as much independence as they can handle. Any good group home, however, should possess key attributes so that seniors that live there receive quality care and can live in safety and security.

According to Chron.com, a group home should be calibrated to the needs of its residents. Some homes will only accept seniors that do not require constant care. These seniors are capable of moving about on their own, can administer their own medications, and are not under continuous medical supervision. If your senior relative does need to be monitored or restricted, some group homes may not be right for your family member.

However, some group homes do accept seniors who need constant medical help, in which case the home should be properly staffed with medical aides and qualified nurses that can administer the needed care. There should also be people on site who understand CPR and are certified to perform it. Additionally, check state law for requirements for group homes, as many state laws necessitate that a live-in manager resides at the home. A well-staffed group home will decrease the likelihood that your senior will be neglected.

Group homes should also provide information on events that seniors can participate in. Get a feel for how happy your senior family member would be living at this home. Some group homes are in close proximity to places a senior would need to go, like a pharmacy, a clinic, a hospital, a church or a senior center. Group homes should also offer vans that transport seniors who cannot drive to and from these locations.

If necessary, consult with someone knowledgeable in state law that governs how senior group homes should operate. A facility that is properly staffed and suited to senior living will decrease the potential for abuse and offer greater assurance that your senior relative will enjoy the experience there.

This article is intended to inform readers about group homes and should not be considered legal advice.

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