Investigators Claim Nursing Home Neglect Led To Death Of Patient

The untimely loss of a loved one can be one of the most difficult events to accept. If the negligence of another party is involved, surviving family members in New Mexico could be left in search of answers and/or justice. According to a recent investigation led by the Department of Health in another state, nursing home neglect contributed to the death of a resident at a care facility who went almost three weeks without the proper medication.

According to reports, a person was admitted to a care facility after suffering a stroke and was prescribed daily doses of a blood thinner. A nurse apparently realized sometime later that the patient was not receiving the doses, nor had the patient undergone testing to determine the amounts required. Apparently, the order for these doses was never documented in the patient’s electronic medical record in the first place.

This person had already gone 15 days without the proper medical attention before a physician was contacted. Although the patient was started on blood thinners soon thereafter, he or she began experiencing severe abdominal pain just over a week later. A trip to the hospital discovered the presence of internal bleeding, and after being transported to another hospital for treatment, the patient passed away due to blood loss.

When a patient is not given the proper medical treatment and/or attention, the results can be devastating. Families of victims of nursing home neglect are often left to suffer in various ways. The emotional grief of a similar tragedy can be overwhelming for a time, but the financial side can be challenging as well, prompting many families in New Mexico to seek the advice of an attorney for assistance in pursuing compensation through a claim against the party or parties deemed at fault.

Source:, “MDH Rules Neglect Involved in Death at Annandale Nursing Home”, Ben Rodgers, May 24, 2017

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