Cannabis May Help In Treating Serious Injury To Brain

Traumatic brain injury is a severe condition that typically results from a blow to one’s head. The blow can lead to serious, chronic symptoms for people in New Mexico and other states. However, researchers have discovered that cannabis may have the ability to slow damage associated with a serious injury to the brain.

Every year in the United States, about 52,000 individuals die from traumatic brain injury, with 80,000 sustaining serious disabilities. Unfortunately, therapies that are effective for treating ongoing symptoms of traumatic brain injury have been difficult to create. Still, researchers have discovered that administering THC, an active ingredient in cannabis, shortly after one suffers an injury to the brain may help to prevent long-lasting brain damage.

It remains unclear whether cannabis can help people who have been suffering from brain injury for a while. However, some patients have reported experiencing improvements in their moods after using the drug. Continued research is necessary to determine how to best exploit cannabis’s many therapeutic properties for those suffering from brain injury.

When a person in New Mexico experiences serious injury to the brain, he or she may experience a wide array of problems, including behavioral problems, challenges related to movement, and the altering of his or her mood. Other symptoms include visual and speech impairments, gastrointestinal issues, and painful headaches. Unfortunately, sometimes a traumatic brain injury stems from a vehicle wreck or another incident that is no the fault of the victim. In this situation, the victim may choose to file a personal injury claim against the person who reportedly caused the accident, pursuing damages. Monetary compensation in a case that is fought successfully may help with covering ongoing health care costs and other losses tied to the traumatic brain injury.

Source:, “Can Cannabis Prevent and Treat Traumatic Brain Injury?“, Jeremy Kossen, July 24, 2016

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