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Pediatric dentist faces allegations of causing serious injury

On Behalf of | May 14, 2015 | Child Injury |

Because children are so vulnerable, parents are naturally concerned when their children need medical or dental care. New Mexico parents whose children are exposed to negligence or violations of treatment protocols as mandated by the state have the right to take legal action if their children suffered serious injury during medical procedures. Parents in another state recently filed a class action against a pediatric dentist, alleging that he inflicted pain and torture to their children and mutilated and humiliated them.

One mother asserts that she was forbidden to enter the room where the child was having a tooth extracted. According to the child, the nurse picked her up after she was knocked down by the dentist. She claims the doctor and nurse were laughing while she was being slapped in the face, along with other horrifying allegations. After three hours, the nurse apparently came to the waiting room to tell the mother to take the child to an emergency room. The nurse apparently had a different rendition of what happened.

These allegations may sound farfetched, but after the mother reportedly posted her child’s ordeal on social media, other parents reported similar incidents while their children were under the care of the same dentist. These allegations gave rise to the class action filing and the many protesting parents apparently asking for the closure of the dentist’s office. The dentist apparently denies all allegations and has no plans to close his practice.

New Mexico parents who suspect that their children were the victims of negligent medical practices that caused serious injury may benefit from consulting with an experienced medical malpractice attorney. Obtaining sufficient proof to substantiate medical malpractice claims can be difficult, and professional assistance may be invaluable. While allegations do not prove negligence, a thorough investigation will reveal whether claims are viable, in which case compensation for medical expenses may be pursued.

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