Fireworks: How To Prevent A Serious Accident

Whether a New Mexico resident is the one using the fireworks or just a spectator, these exploding spectacles can be dangerous. During the Fourth of July, New Year’s, and other events, fireworks can cause a serious accident at any time. Fortunately, though, by following a few useful tips, the average New Mexico resident can help to limit his or her chances of suffering an injury.

First and foremost, never neglect to read and follow all directions found on the fireworks packaging materials. Further, never take fireworks apart, try to modify them or experiment with them. Do not use homemade fireworks either. Next, do not allow children to light or set off fireworks if adults are not present. Even fireworks that seem harmless — like sparklers and snappers — can result in accidents and even burn injuries.

Fireworks users should also refrain from lighting their fireworks indoors. Always set them off in a location that is far from houses. Also, avoid lighting fireworks near a fire hazard, like tall, dry grass, leaves, and other fireworks or explosives. If a firework happens to malfunction, do not try to relight it. A bucket of water should also be left close to the fireworks area in case of an emergency and to soak malfunctioning fireworks in to prevent the threat of an accidental explosion.

It is too bad that something that can bring so much family fun could also be so dangerous, but safety precautions and common sense are key to avoiding any unnecessary accidents when using fireworks. Still, some accidents cannot be avoided no matter how careful we are. New Mexico residents who have been injured by a malfunctioning firework, and individuals who suffer a serious accident and injuries at a public fireworks display, may have viable claims for financial restitution in court. Through a detailed analysis of the facts leading up to the accident, eyewitness accounts, and the extent of associated injuries, an individual can begin to produce the most appropriate legal strategy to pursue such a claim.

Source: FindLaw, “Fireworks Injuries“, Oct. 9, 2014

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