Catastrophic Injury: Brain Trauma Victims May Face Early Death

The risk of death is significantly increased for individuals who suffer a brain injury. In fact, people who suffer a catastrophic injury to the brain are three times more likely to die before the age of 56 than those who have not suffered such an injury. This highlights the importance of monitoring brain injury victims, in Albuquerque and elsewhere, for an extended period of time.

The study was conducted by analyzing data compiled over a period of 40 years, regarding hundreds of thousands of patients. One expert stated that he did not believe it was possible to get a more detailed or valuable pool of data. The team of researchers who conducted the study paid the most attention to injuries that involved internal bleeding, skull fractures, or loss of consciousness for over an hour.

Medical records for 218,000 brain injury victims in Sweden were studied. Of this group, 574 people died from accidents and 522 died from suicide. Their rate of suicide was over triple that of normal people. Their rate of suffering fatal accidents was over quadrupled.

Suffering from a brain injury can have devastating effects on all areas of one’s life. Not only can a serious cerebral injury cause one to be disabled and unable to earn a living, but it can also ruin one’s personal relationships. Brain injury victims may not be able to interact with their friends and family in the same way as before the injury. The results of this study, showing an increased chance of premature death, highlight yet another potential consequence of suffering such an injury.

Albuquerque residents who have suffered a catastrophic injury to the brain due to the fault of another individual may be able to seek monetary compensation for their injuries. Monetary compensation can be enormously beneficial to such patients. If liability can be successfully documented before a civil court in New Mexico, any financial relief awarded will not only help pay for medical care, but it can also help in covering living expenses and other monetary damages recognized by our personal injury laws.

Source: Los Angeles Times, Survivors of traumatic brain injuries more likely to die young, Alan Zarembo, Jan. 15, 2014

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