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Cases of nursing home neglect shouldn't be swept under the rug

Certain individuals in New Mexico and elsewhere may believe that many instances of neglect and/or abuse are not reported or simply go unnoticed. The impact that nursing home neglect can have on a patient can be catastrophic, in some cases leading to an untimely death. A recent investigation into these occurrences in another state asserts that numerous cases involving neglect or abuse might simply be swept under the rug.

One case in particular involved a woman who had reportedly fallen and hurt her legs. Staff at the care facility allegedly helped her back to the bed and left her there for almost a day without seeking medical attention, despite the fact that she claimed to have broken some bones. Although she was assured that nothing was broken, she was eventually taken to a hospital where examination discovered that she had broken both femurs. She reportedly passed away around three weeks later.

Family files wrongful death lawsuit re nursing home neglect

Failure to properly monitor and treat a medical condition can result in catastrophic consequences. For individuals in New Mexico who are able to care for themselves, ensuring that they receive this type of treatment could be significantly less difficult than for those who reside in a care facility. A facility in another state has been accused of nursing home neglect after the recent death of a 73-year-old woman.

The family of the woman has recently filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the facility, asserting that staff failed to properly treat a deteriorating medical issue. According to the lawsuit, while recovering from another injury at the facility, the woman was left in the same position for extended periods of time, allowing a bedsore to worsen over a short time. She was already at high risk for bedsores and was reportedly completely unable to care for herself.

Family wins medical malpractice claim re child's birth injuries

Birth injuries can have severe consequences, often causing a child in New Mexico or elsewhere to endure physical and emotional challenges throughout the course of life. Advancements in health care over the years have helped reduce the chances for such devastating occurrences, but they unfortunately continue to occur, especially when negligence is present. A family in another state was recently awarded $23.1 million in a medical malpractice lawsuit involving a child that suffered permanent brain damage at birth.

The mother of the child chose a specific hospital on account of the presence of a neonatologist. She asserts that because of her age, she was considered a high-risk pregnancy, and likely wanted to obtain the best care possible. She claims that there were certain complications during the delivery, and that hospital staff attempted to reach the doctor numerous times without success.

Identifying and recovering damages regarding nursing home neglect

The increasing growth of abuse and neglect within care facilities is certainly cause for alarm. Individuals who are residents at these facilities are generally in no position to prevent such negligence, and often suffer tremendously as a result. Without the presence of accountability, nursing home neglect may continue to occur on a daily basis. Fortunately, there are individuals in New Mexico and across the country that are willing and able to provide assistance for those in need.

A long-term care ombudsman's office in another state enlists the assistance of numerous volunteers for a similar purpose. These individuals are provided with training and knowledge and subsequently sent to nursing homes in a wide variety of areas to address concerns of abuse and neglect within these facilities. These ombudsmen operate under federal law and have reportedly investigated hundreds of thousands of cases across the country.

Documenting and reporting nursing home abuse in New Mexico

Temporary and permanent residents of care facilities across the country have a right to live and operate in an environment safe from abuse. Unfortunately, nursing home abuse is a common occurrence of late, and has led to the pain and suffering of countless individuals over the years. Families in New Mexico who have loved ones who reside in similar facilities want them to be cared for and safe, and they often take steps to ensure this happens.

Abuse can take numerous forms, physical and mental alike. It can cause a great deal of harm to the overall health of a patient. Many individuals who reside in similar facilities may be unable to protect themselves from such abuse, and they may also have difficulty reporting the incidents as well. If a family believes that a loved one is suffering from similar actions, they may soon be in search of answers and/or justice.

Family files lawsuit accusing facility of nursing home neglect

Many families across the country have chosen to entrust the care of a loved one to a nursing home. These patients may suffer from a variety of disabilities, physical and mental alike, that can be difficult for family members to closely monitor. They are often admitted to a care facility in hopes of receiving the attention and treatment required. Unfortunately, some patients in New Mexico are not given an appropriate quality of care and subsequently fall victim to nursing home neglect.

A recent lawsuit in another state accuses an establishment of such neglect. According to the lawsuit, the patient was not given an acceptable level of treatment. The family claims that during his stay, the facility did not keep the man hydrated. Reportedly, it also failed to notify family or doctors of any change in his deteriorating medical condition, along with various other accusations that are often detrimental to the health of a patient.

Man claims wife's death is due to nursing home neglect

Countless individuals have experienced the tragic loss of a loved one on account of negligence. Whether a patient is a permanent or temporary patient at a care facility, he or she should be given the type and amount of care required for his or her respective condition. If a facility in New Mexico does not provide this care to a patient, he or she may suffer extensive pain and suffering as a result. A man in another state is claiming that nursing home neglect lead to the recent death of his wife.

The man claims that after admission to the facility in question, his wife suffered serious injuries, both physical and mental. He claims that these injuries contributed to her death, which took place around five months later. According to the husband, the facility failed to provide his wife with adequate care, along with failing to provide her with an environment free of hazards and abuse.

Hidden camera captures nursing home abuse of paralyzed patient

Patients across the country are admitted to care facilities every day for temporary or long-term treatment. With many of these individuals having incapacitating disabilities, similar facilities in New Mexico are required to provide and maintain a certain standard of care. Unfortunately in some cases, patients are mistreated or abused, which often leaves family members of the disabled individuals outraged. A nurse in another state was recently indicted on charges for nursing home abuse.

The mother of a 26-year-old nursing home resident began having concerns that her son was being abused. Reportedly, a hidden camera was installed, which apparently recorded the incident in question. The camera caught a nurse striking and mistreating the patient, who is paralyzed and on a ventilator. The nurse has since been terminated from the facility, and her nursing license has reportedly been revoked.

Nursing home neglect allegedly caused the death of 2 men

When a nursing home is understaffed, patients often suffer as a result. Many individuals who enter a similar facility in New Mexico require frequent monitoring and treatment, and if a facility does not have an adequate amount of care providers on hand, patients may go a long period without receiving medical attention. A facility in another state has recently been accused of nursing home neglect following the death of two separate patients.

Both individuals were residents at the facility in question, their deaths listed at around eight months apart. The first patient died of an infected ulcer near his tailbone, which staff was reportedly aware of, but failed to notify his physician and/or family. The second man also suffered an ulcer to this area, and was apparently left alone to suffer. He was taken to a hospital after complaining of fever and pain, and later died from a bone infection and pneumonia.

Woman claims nursing home neglect lead to husbands suffering

There are countless health care centers across the country that provide temporary or permanent treatment for patients in need. Many individuals in New Mexico who are admitted to these facilities are unable to express any present discomfort and require around-the-clock supervision. If a patient is not monitored and cared for properly, the result can be catastrophic. A woman in another state is claiming nursing home neglect lead to the recent death of her husband.

The man was admitted to the facility in question suffering from severe cognitive impairment. While under its care, he began to have seizures, which at first lasted around 30 seconds each. Reportedly, he had never experienced a seizure prior to his stay at the facility. Staff was aware of his new condition and advised his nurse to provide him with pain medication.

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