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What you should know about elder abuse

The proliferation of nursing homes and elder care centers suggest that they are safe places for the elderly to live and be cared for, but unfortunately they can be quite dangerous for senior citizens.

Today’s news cycles don’t usually highlight the growing problem of elder abuse, but they should. According to the National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA), more than one million Americans over the age of 65 have experienced some type of abuse, neglect or exploitation by their caregivers. Even more troubling, most elder abuse victims never see justice because their abusers are not usually held accountable. Because of this, it is important for family members and loved ones to recognize the signs of elder abuse.

Cyclists and pedestrians at risk of suffering permanent damages

Traumatic brain injuries can be serious conditions that impact the lives of victims in various ways. These injuries can occur in a multitude of accidents, and run the risk of causing permanent damages to the health of an individual. Cyclists and pedestrians in New Mexico and elsewhere might face increased risks of suffering such an injury, especially with less in the way of protective barriers to shield them during an accident.

While collisions involving cyclists or pedestrians may be more common among areas of dense traffic, they can occur anywhere. Accidents involving those with less protection have a much higher chance of ending in catastrophe. Studies suggest that in accidents where a person is hit by a motor vehicle, at 20 miles per hour, the victim only has a 10 percent chance to suffer serious and/or fatal injuries, while at 30 to 40 miles per hour, the chances shoot up to 50 and 90 percent respectively.

Family says elder abuse victim's health is deteriorating

Patients who reside in care facilities in New Mexico and across the country often have medical conditions that make it difficult to care for themselves. These patients may also be unable to defend themselves from harm should another party seek to take advantage of and/or abuse them. Elder abuse is a significant issue for many, and a former employee at a nursing home in another state has recently been arrested after she was accused of assaulting a 90-year-old patient.

The elderly patient reportedly cried out during the incident, in which she was assaulted by an employee at the facility. According to reports, the incident began after the patient was unable to get out of bed and make it to the bathroom. The former employee was apparently angered by the mess, and reportedly began to hit the woman in the back numerous times, causing her to suffer injuries in the process.

Accusations of nursing home neglect result in lawsuit

Patients of nursing homes in New Mexico and across the nation often rely on a facility to provide treatment they require. With many patients suffering from debilitating conditions that reduce their ability to care for themselves, similar facilities often promote the ability to provide a certain standard of care, which unfortunately isn't always the case. A facility in another state is facing a lawsuit after recently being accused of nursing home neglect.

According to reports, the facility stands accused of failing to provide the care required to its patients. It is also accused of continually being understaffed despite having a high monthly fee for treatment. According to the lawsuit, the facility is culpable of elder financial abuse and fraud by placing a higher priority on financial profits than on the care it is supposed to provide to its patients.

Fines and an investigation follow allegations of elder abuse

A care facility in another state has recently been the target of fines and an investigation into allegations of abuse. Elder abuse is a serious issue that is unfortunately far too common. Patients of nursing homes in New Mexico and across the country who are targeted for abuse often suffer in various ways, and may be unable to do anything to prevent such negligence.

The facility in question was apparently fined in connection with the abuse of six patients by one staff member. According to reports, this person took unauthorized photos, some of which were explicit, of each of the residents and posted them online. The facility is accused of failing to prevent such behavior, and while a criminal investigation into the incidents is underway, fines have already been handed down.

Pedestrian pronounced dead after serious accident in New Mexico

The loss of a loved one is often difficult to accept, perhaps especially when negligence is involved. When another party chooses to operate a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, the chances for a serious accident to occur may increase significantly. A 78-year-old woman in New Mexico has reportedly passed away after a recent accident that took place under similar circumstances.

According to reports, the woman was walking on the shoulder of a road on a recent Thursday when she was suddenly struck by a vehicle. Upon arrival, authorities claim to have discovered that the driver had veered off the road before striking the woman and came to a rest after hitting a nearby parked car. The driver of the vehicle was reportedly uninjured, but the woman was pronounced dead at the scene.

Living in fear of retaliation regarding nursing home neglect

Countless patients who reside in care facilities in New Mexico and across the country have been subjected to abuse and/or neglect throughout the years. Unfortunately, many incidents of nursing home neglect or abuse may go unreported, with many fearing retaliation from a medical professional, or even the facility. A family in another state is facing similar circumstances after a woman was recently discharged from a facility after filing a report against it.

According to reports, the facility recently notified a family that the woman was being discharged, stating an inability to meet her needs. They claim the news came shortly after she filed a report against the facility with the Department of Health and Human Services. The facility had already received citations for numerous violations since the beginning of the year, including inadequate staffing and improper administration of medication.

Nursing aid faces criminal charges re nursing home abuse

Families in New Mexico and across the country may often go to great lengths to protect the ones they love. When the family of a nursing home resident begins to suspect mistreatment or neglect, they may wish to take action against the party thought to be at fault, but the process can be complex. A family in another state recently installed a camera in the room of a patient, which allegedly uncovered several acts of nursing home abuse.

These events began when a person became suspicious that his father was being subjected to neglect and abuse. He reportedly complained about one employee in particular, and apparently decided to install a hidden camera to catch signs of abuse. After witnessing several indecent acts involving both neglect and abuse, he decided to take action, which lead to a subsequent police investigation.

Elder abuse comes in numerous forms, all of which can be harmful

Improper treatment has become a major issue in nursing homes in New Mexico and across the country, and many individuals have suffered as a result. While incidents of elder abuse may be a common occurrence, unfortunately, studies suggest that the majority of incidents are simply never reported. There may be numerous reasons for similar results, one of which could be unawareness that any signs of abuse are present.

When one thinks of abuse, his or her first thoughts may go straight to physical violence. While physical abuse is an issue among countless nursing home residents, many also suffer from emotional abuse, which can be more difficult to detect and just as harmful. Victims of such negligent treatment may also become afraid of reporting issues, potentially fearing retaliation.

Serious motor vehicle accidents can lead to permanent damages

With a multitude of potential causes, motor vehicle accidents occur on a daily basis and can have disastrous consequences. Those who fall victim to a negligent driver often suffer severe injuries, such as a traumatic brain injury, which could lead to long-term or permanent damages. A recent collision in New Mexico involving up to six vehicles has left one person in critical condition.

The incident reportedly began when a car that was stopped at a traffic light was suddenly rear-ended by another vehicle. The impact set off a chain reaction that resulted in a total of six vehicles being hit. The woman that was waiting at the red light was rushed to the hospital following the incident, and apparently remains in critical condition.

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