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Injuries Due To Prescription Drug Errors

Advances in modern medicine have allowed doctors to accomplish amazing things in terms of helping patients recuperate from injuries and illnesses. Prescription drugs can become deadly, however, if the wrong dosage or type of medication is prescribed.

Serious consequences also result when pharmacists fail to correctly fill a prescription and patients are given the wrong prescription. The automated machines and computers used by today’s pharmacies are designed to reduce errors and make things simpler. In reality, however, millions of Americans suffer from pharmacy malpractice every day. Even a small mistake by a pharmacist can have disastrous consequences.

The Harvey & Foote Law Firm, LLC in Albuquerque, New Mexico, provides experienced and knowledgeable legal counsel on a wide range of medical malpractice lawsuits, including prescription drug malpractice.

Las Cruces Lawyer For An Accidental Overdose

Our firm provides legal counsel for the full spectrum of medication and pharmaceutical error lawsuits, including:

  • A doctor who prescribes the wrong medicine
  • A doctor or nurse who administers the wrong medicine
  • A nursing home or assisted living employee who administers the wrong medicine
  • A doctor who prescribes medication the patient is allergic to
  • A nurse or pharmacist who reads the doctor’s instructions incorrectly
  • A pharmacist who dispenses the wrong medication or the wrong dosage
  • A pharmacist who provides the wrong instructions to the patient
  • A pharmacist who mixes medications that cannot be mixed

Like all medical malpractice cases, prescription drug error lawsuits are highly complex and require extensive resources to pursue. Our Albuquerque prescription drug errors attorneys work with medical specialists to build strong cases that produce positive outcomes.

We carefully review each case and have medical specialists review them as well, if necessary. By doing so, we are confident that those cases we accept are strong enough to gain a fair settlement or argue in court.

We understand these cases are complex, and we welcome the opportunity to answer your questions during a free consultation. Contact us to schedule an appointment: 505-633-8579.