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Why are nursing home deaths kept so quiet?

If you have a loved one in a nursing home in New Mexico, his or her well-being is probably a top priority. You may check in often and ensure he or she is treated well. You may also take joy in finding that your loved one is making friends and developing a support system within the nursing home of other residents. However, you may have run across a time when your loved one has lost a friend due to death. It might surprise you to learn nobody shared the details with the other residents or even made an announcement of the death. This is because deaths are usually handled very quietly and in secret.

Why is heat so dangerous for the elderly?

It is not uncommon to hear about heat-related deaths of elderly adults when temperatures soar in New Mexico. The heat is hard on anybody, but elderly individuals have an increased risk due to a few different factors. UC Davis explains that older adults often have health conditions, such as diabetes or heart problems, that can lead to issues with circulation and affect heat dissipation within the body. These medical conditions can affect how heat affects their bodies or make them unable to tell when they are overheated.

What causes fires in senior living communities?

In recent years, news stories across the country have described tragic instances of senior living facilities catching fire. The consequences of these fires have included the displacement of senior residents, the hospitalization of some seniors, and even deaths of senior home residents. Because many New Mexico seniors have reduced physical mobility, they cannot escape from a burning building easily, with some requiring assistance to even move at all. Experts have identified several causes of fires that are common to senior living communities.

How big of a risk is apathy?

If you have a loved one in a New Mexico nursing home, then it is important for you to understand the health risks your loved one may face. One of the more serious risks that may not always get the attention it deserved is apathy. According to Nursing Times, apathy is when a person has a lack of interest and motivation to do things. It is often associated with depression since the person may not be reactive or emotional in normal situations when a reaction or emotion would be reasonable.

3 common anesthesia errors

Placing one of your parents or another loved one in a New Mexico nursing home or continuing care facility is difficult, and it can prove especially so if you have concerns about the care your loved one is receiving while there. Many older Americans need medical treatment and procedures that require the use of anesthesia, but administering anesthesia is a careful process that can lead to serious repercussions and even death if not done right. At the Harvey & Foote Law Firm, we recognize the devastating effects of anesthesia errors, and we have helped many families who lost a loved one because of them pursue recourse.

How dangerous are infections in nursing homes?

Having to put a loved one in a nursing home in New Mexico is a stressful decision to make. It is difficult to know that you are placing this person you care about in the hands of people you do not know. It takes a lot of trust. Nursing homes can be dangerous places. Perhaps one of the most terrifying dangers is one you may not think about: infections.

How serious are bedsores?

If you have a loved one who is confined to a wheelchair or bed, you may be concerned about bedsores, especially if he or she lives in a nursing home. Knowing that many elderly people in New Mexico and elsewhere are neglected or abused in nursing homes, your fear is understandable. Unfortunately, bedsores are a common affliction affecting those with limited mobility.

Why is the death of an unborn child not wrongful death?

Wrongful death is when the negligence of a person or entity causes the death of another person. In New Mexico, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures, there is one group that is not covered by state wrongful death laws: unborn children. Other states have specific laws regarding the death of an unborn child due to the negligence of someone else. These laws allow for punishment, but in New Mexico, no such laws exist. In fact, this is an area of some debate.

Pulmonary embolisms can be fatal if misdiagnosed

The danger of blood clots in the body is that they can obstruct the flow of blood to a vital organ. For example, a resident in a New Mexico nursing home may be at risk of a blood clot if the person is bedridden and is not shifted frequently enough to allow for sufficient blood flow. Such blood clots may block the pulmonary arteries in the lungs. This kind of blood clot is called a pulmonary embolism. If not diagnosed correctly or in a timely manner, a PE can have dire consequences.

What taxes might you pay on a wrongful death judgement?

If you have been through a wrongful death lawsuit in New Mexico, you may not even think about the tax implications. This is a common error. You may be focused on the death of your loved one and resolving the lawsuit. However, the IRS is always focused on collecting taxes due. In some cases, you may have to pay taxes on money you receive as part of a court ruling or settlement in a wrongful death case.

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