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Hidden camera captures nursing home abuse of paralyzed patient

Patients across the country are admitted to care facilities every day for temporary or long-term treatment. With many of these individuals having incapacitating disabilities, similar facilities in New Mexico are required to provide and maintain a certain standard of care. Unfortunately in some cases, patients are mistreated or abused, which often leaves family members of the disabled individuals outraged. A nurse in another state was recently indicted on charges for nursing home abuse.

Nursing home neglect allegedly caused the death of 2 men

When a nursing home is understaffed, patients often suffer as a result. Many individuals who enter a similar facility in New Mexico require frequent monitoring and treatment, and if a facility does not have an adequate amount of care providers on hand, patients may go a long period without receiving medical attention. A facility in another state has recently been accused of nursing home neglect following the death of two separate patients.

Woman claims nursing home neglect lead to husbands suffering

There are countless health care centers across the country that provide temporary or permanent treatment for patients in need. Many individuals in New Mexico who are admitted to these facilities are unable to express any present discomfort and require around-the-clock supervision. If a patient is not monitored and cared for properly, the result can be catastrophic. A woman in another state is claiming nursing home neglect lead to the recent death of her husband.

Nursing home neglect blamed for death of a woman

When individuals reside in a care facility, they leave their well-being in the hands of another. Nursing homes in New Mexico admit new patients every day, with the promise of a certain quality of care. When this standard is not met, patients often suffer as a result. A facility in another state has been accused of nursing home neglect after the death of a former resident.

Family claims nursing home neglect re death of elderly man

When an elderly patient suffers a fall, response time for treatment may be crucial. In some cases involving nursing home residents, it may be difficult to determine the extent of an injury. Patients of facilities in New Mexico who suffer from an illness such as dementia may be unable to express any present discomfort, and often require thorough examination when injured. A facility in another state is accused of nursing home neglect, resulting in the death of an elderly man.

Woman alleges nursing home neglect in death of her grandmother

Many people experience a period in life where they are no longer capable of caring for themselves. There are various establishments that offer treatment for patients who are in a similar situation. Many patients in New Mexico reside in these facilities and count on receiving the level of care required. If certain standards are not met, the results can be catastrophic. Alleging nursing home neglect, a woman has recently filed a lawsuit against a facility after the death of her grandmother.

Death of an elderly woman possibly due to nursing home neglect

When being admitted to a nursing home, patients expect to receive a certain quality of care. Patients in New Mexico in this situation are often unable to take care of themselves and require constant monitoring. Failure to provide this type of care can result in serious injury to a patient and, in some cases, death. In a recent accident, an establishment is being accused of nursing home neglect resulting in the death of an elderly woman.

Woman alleges nursing home neglect led to husband's death

A man in another state died in a nursing home, and his surviving wife claims it was due to the negligence of the facility. She has filed a lawsuit against the home, alleging nursing home neglect. Those in New Mexico who lose a loved one due to nursing home's failure to prevent falls, or other neglect or abuse, may choose to seek full financial accountability from the nursing home.

Nursing home neglect suit filed following woman's death

A woman died earlier this year after she was placed in a nursing home in another state. Her family, therefore, recently decided to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the facility, alleging nursing home neglect. If people in New Mexico end up losing loved ones due to nursing facilities' carelessness, they have the right to take legal action.

Nursing home neglect suit settled after resident hit by van

A nursing home in a different state was sued for injuring a resident. The facility recently settled the suit in federal court. When nursing home neglect leads to a resident's injury in New Mexico or elsewhere, the resident retains the right to pursue claims for financial accountability from the facility.

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