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Is neglect an issue at my loved one's nursing home?

While there's no question that nursing home abuse is abhorrent, nursing home neglect can be equally damaging. While these behaviors may fall short of actual physical or emotional abuse, they still cause significant harm to your family member. This is especially true for residents with severely limited mobility, who are reliant on staff for daily assistance. To ensure you can put an end to neglect and get your loved one the care he or she needs, NextAvenue.org explains some of the common signs. 

Bedsores explained

The decision to relocate a loved one to a nursing home in Albuquerque is no doubt a difficult one. You may be willing to see to your family member or friend's every need, yet oftentimes, their conditions may require a level of attention that the circumstances of your own life simply do not allow you to give. This may be especially true if your loved one has mobility issues. You might think that caring for one confined to a bed or wheelchair would be easy, yet as many of those that we here at the Harvey & Foote Law Firm have discovered, such confinement presents its own unique challenges. 

What may be causing malnutrition in my elder relative?

According to the Mayo Clinic, malnutrition in older adults can manifest in a number of ways, from wounds that are slow to heal, to laggard defenses against disease, to weakness in the muscles and a lessening of bone mass. If you have an elderly relative who resides in a New Mexico nursing home and is showing some of these signs, there are some reasons why this might occur and are worth investigating.

Are nursing homes an effective solution for 24-7 care?

If you have a loved one in New Mexico who is aging and requires significant assistance with day-to-day tasks, you may have started to explore your options for help with caregiving. While you may desire to care for your loved one on your own, you openly acknowledge that additional help is needed. A look into the purpose and effectiveness of putting your family member in a nursing home may be just the solution to help you make your decision. 

What should I do if I think my loved one is overmedicated?

It is not uncommon for people to wonder if something is wrong when their senior loved one starts acting differently than usual. Some family members have elderly relatives in a New Mexico nursing home, where the staff is responsible for providing them with their medication. When an elderly person is asleep for longer periods or acts disoriented or groggy, many family members worry that their relative is sick or is perhaps overmedicated.

What are some red flags of neglect?

It is upsetting when you learn that your loved in not being properly taken care of the people you entrusted him or her with. This is an unfortunate thing that can easily happen if your loved one is in a nursing home. While New Mexico has laws to help prevent neglect, it may still happen. The only way you can protect your loved one is to be aware of the signs of neglect.

What is sundowning syndrome?

If you have an elderly loved one, you may notice many behaviors or changes in him or her with age. You may even have to put your loved one in a nursing home because he or she requires care you can no longer handle. There are also some conditions that may come with age that make life hard for your loved one and for you or his or her caregiver. One such condition is sundowning syndrome.

Do all assisted living communities have doctors?

New Mexico seniors who need a moderate level of assistance in their daily lives without the full time care of a nursing home may find a good place to live in an assisted living community. However, if you are concerned about your older loved one having quick access to a doctor in the event of an emergency, keep in mind that some communities do not have doctors on site.

The dangers of molds in nursing homes

When you see black spots on your bathroom walls, you know it is time to break out your best cleaners. Mold growth is not just a problem for ordinary homes, though. New Mexico nursing homes can also face problems with mold, which may in turn harm residents if the mold is not dealt with in a timely fashion.

What can nursing home neglect look like?

Plenty of New Mexican residents like you trust nursing homes to treat your loved ones with respect, kindness, and care. Unfortunately, that doesn't always happen. Harvey & Foote Law Firm are here to help if you believe your loved one has suffered due to the neglectful actions or behavior of staff at their nursing home.

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