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Can a catastrophic injury lead to a higher risk of homelessness?

A study conducted by hospital researchers indicates that approximately 50 percent of homeless men have suffered from a traumatic brain injury. Most of the catastrophic injury cases happened prior to the men losing their homes. According to the doctor who led the study, the findings could help to explain the behavioral challenges from which many homeless men suffer.

Man gains superior math skills after catastrophic injury

Many New Mexico residents who suffer a serious brain injury must live with painful after effects and disability for the rest of their lives. However, in one recently publicized case, a man who suffered a catastrophic injury to his brain developed a special math ability as he recovered from his injury. According to him, he never had any interest in mathematics prior to the injury.

The military's approach to permanent damages from brain injury

A traumatic brain injury is nothing that anyone expects to experience, and it is not usually until a family member suffers one that New Mexico residents begin to learn about them. Unfortunately, permanent damages associated with brain injuries, even mild ones, can arise after someone was injured in a foreign war. They are also suffered by car accident victims -- even to some who were only involved in a minor crash.

Family sues trampoline center over teen's permanent damages

A family has filed a personal injury lawsuit, blaming an indoor trampoline company for their son's brain injuries. According to the lawsuit, the family's 17-year-old boy suffered permanent damages while enjoying the facility's trampoline slide last summer. The plaintiffs allege that a problem with the slide caused the boy's injuries. Although this accident occurred out-of-state, recreational facilities in New Mexico are often dangerous too, and they can be the source of numerous life-altering accidents to unsuspecting victims.

Botched breast implants cause permanent damages in New Mexico?

Quite a number of women decide to enhance their looks in various ways. One of the primary body modifications New Mexico women choose to enhance are their breasts. However, a woman who decided to take that plunge ended up in a coma after the procedure. Could botched breast augmentation lead to permanent damages?

Catastrophic injury: Brain trauma victims may face early death

The risk of death is significantly increased for individuals who suffer a brain injury. In fact, people who suffer a catastrophic injury to the brain are three times more likely to die before the age of 56 than those who have not suffered such an injury. This highlights the importance of monitoring brain injury victims, in Albuquerque and elsewhere, for an extended period of time.

Minor brain injury may be serious injury in New Mexico accidents

The human body is complex and fragile, and sustaining any type of personal injury can cause devastating effects. Unfortunately, some types of serious injury, such as a brain injury, can mask itself or lead to larger problems after the fact. New Mexico residents may be interested in recent research that begins to confirm that even minor brain injuries can lead to significant abnormalities.

New Mexico police department responsible for serious injury

New Mexico residents would like to believe that the police are there to protect and serve. Nobody ever wants to think a police officer could be responsible for a serious injury to a citizen -- more specifically a brain injury. However, a recent lawsuit from a New Mexico man shows otherwise. The man is suing the local police department for causing him to suffer a serious brain injury.

Mother grieves after losing son to 13-year brain injury struggle

Her story may sound all too familiar to some parents in New Mexico. One of her four sons was involved in a serious car accident that left him with a traumatic brain injury. This was in 2000, when he was an 18-year-old high school senior. The accident rendered him unable to speak.

Advocacy group: NMU study risks brain injury in infants

We established this blog as a forum for discussing injury-related issues that may be relevant to New Mexico residents. In our Albuquerque law practice, we represent clients who have suffered a wide range of injuries, including injuries resulting from auto accidents, medical errors, nursing home abuse and other forms of negligence.

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