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Technology may help with diagnosing serious injury to brain

Software that is currently being developed may help medical professionals to create three-dimensional models of people's brains on location and then send them to experts for rapid diagnosis. The development of this technology is still in its early stages. However, it has already been used on real patients on a trial basis to test how viable it is for patients who have suffered serious injury to the brain in New Mexico and other states.

Anemia common among those suffering from serious injury to brain

According to recent research, about 50 percent of patients who end up in the hospital with brain injuries have anemia. The effects of anemia on patients in New Mexico and other states who suffer serious injury to the brain remain unclear. However, researchers have found that being anemic may influence brain injury patients' outcomes in a negative way.

Serious injury to the brain may lead to long-term sleep issues

According to new research, for 18 months or longer after sustaining a traumatic brain injury, a first-time victim of concussion continues to need more sleep. In addition, a person who has suffered a serious injury to the brain experiences daytime sleepiness more than healthy people do. Unfortunately, it is easy for these types of individuals in New Mexico and other states to underestimate how sleepy they are, which, in turn, increases their chances of getting into automobile accidents.

Older individuals more likely to suffer serious injury to brain

Traumatic brain injury, also known as TBI, is one of the leading causes of disability and death. Serious injury to the brain has become increasingly common today and has been labeled a silent epidemic. Older individuals in New Mexico and other states have a greater likelihood of suffering TBI, and they usually experience worse outcomes and, unfortunately, are more likely to die from their brain injuries when compared to younger adults.

Serious injury to brain linked to mild cognitive impairment

Based on new research, it appears that traumatic brain injury is related to an increased risk as well as the earlier onset of a mild level of cognitive impairment. According to researchers, people in New Mexico and other states who suffered serious injury to the brain and lost consciousness for over five minutes face a higher risk of being giving a mild cognitive impairment diagnosis. The people in one recent study additionally showed signs of this type of impairment, also known as MCI, more than two years earlier on average when compared to people without a history of traumatic brain injury.

Serious injury to the brain has many potential causes

Traumatic brain injury is damage done to the brain as a result of an outside force. Around 2.5 million deaths, emergency room visits and hospitalizations related to serious injury to the brain took place in 2010, of which a number were in New Mexico. Of the total in the United States, over 50,000 people passed away due to traumatic brain injuries.

Serious accident may lead to moderate or serious brain injuries

Moderate brain injuries are more serious than concussions. This type of brain injury occurs when an external force -- for example, a violent jolt or blow -- causes a person's brain to operate differently than it should. In New Mexico and other states, a serious accident, assault or a fall are some of the most common reasons for moderate brain injuries.

Serious injury to the brain linked to suicide risk

Adults in New Mexico who have suffered concussions have a three times higher likelihood of committing suicide compared to the remainder of the population. This is the finding of new research that was recently published. Curiously, the suicide risk was greater for people who suffered serious injury to the brain on a weekend.

Brain injury caused by serious accident has link to Alzheimer's

Brain injuries can cause people in New Mexico to experience a wide array of life-altering cognitive problems. These include difficulty thinking as well as memory problems; victims may also experience mood swings and attention deficits. Recent university research has provided additional information regarding the connection between traumatic brain injury, which can be caused by a serious accident, and Alzheimer's disease or other neurodegenerative disorders.

Serious accident, like a fall, may cause traumatic brain injury

Traumatic brain injury, or TBI, is a type of injury that impacts millions of Americans, including many in New Mexico, each year. Specifically, nearly 2.5 million visits to the emergency room were tied to TBI in 2010, and brain injury contributed to over 50,000 deaths. A serious accident, such as a fall or a car crash, could result in brain injuries.

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