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Serious injury to the brain may be treated using stem cells

Brain injury can cause a person in New Mexico to suffer cognitive problems long term, such as being able to concentrate on tasks and learn new material. This type of injury can also negatively impact a person's mood and behavior. However, a clinical trial involving a cellular therapy for brain injury that involves using a person's brain cells is showing promise for the treatment of serious injury to the brain.

Antidepressant might help those with serious injury to brain

Traumatic brain injury may lead to depressive symptoms in patients in New Mexico. However, researchers recently determined that an antidepressant called sertraline might help to prevent these symptoms in those who have suffered serious injury to the brain. This was discovered through a college of medicine study conducted in another state.

Serious injury to the brain to be studied at new center

Over two million visits to the emergency room, along with hospitalizations and deaths, occur every year as a result of brain injury throughout the United States, including in New Mexico. Serious injury to the brain remains one of the most critical medical issues today, but it also continues to be an enigmatic one. However, in another state, a sports arena will serve as the new home for a center that will focus on the study of the brain and the nervous system.

Brain injury in young children may stem from serious accident

Sometimes head injuries in young children result from serious accidents in New Mexico. For example, a serious accident involving cars may occur on a highway, or an accident could take place due to faulty equipment on a playground. The traumatic brain injury that occurs as a result may go undiagnosed for a while but can result in learning issues that manifest themselves later.

Several symptoms point to serious injury to the brain

Traumatic brain injuries usually result from blows to the head -- for instance, when people hit their heads in car accidents. Serious injury to the brain occurs because the force is enough to cause the brain to shake inside of a person's skull. Unfortunately, these types of injuries can drastically affect a person's quality of life in New Mexico and other states.

Research on serious injury to the brain focuses on brain tsunamis

Some researchers are currently looking at the brain to try to determine why some patients who suffer head injury in the United States, including in New Mexico, end up recovering while other patients do not. This phenomenon appears to be linked to what is known as a brain tsunami. This tsunami is essentially seizure-like waves that are damaging and that spread throughout the brain slowly after a serious injury.

Science may help to reduce effects of serious injury to brain

Traumatic brain injury is an all-too-common result of car crashes and other accidents in New Mexico. Patients who have suffered serious injury to the brain often recover. However, following their initial injury, they may develop other chronic conditions in the following days and weeks, including memory issues and depression. However, scientists recently reported that they may be able to reduce these major effects through a nanoparticle that targets neurons.

New way found to study patients with serious injury to the brain

Brain injury in New Mexico occurs when a person suffers a blow to his or her head. Although a serious injury to the brain can lead to long-term problems, such as memory issues, scientists are working to advance their understanding of brain injury and how to treat it. Some researchers recently developed a way to observe the changes that take place in neurons when a person is struck in the head, and these changes can be observed in real time.

Nursing home abuse grounds for civil litigation

The average life expectancy of an American has risen by almost a decade since the year 1950. It currently is just below 79 years old. In the next 10 years, it is expected to be above 80. As the population of senior citizens has increased in the United States, more elderly individuals are being placed in nursing homes. Unfortunately, nursing home abuse and neglect remains an issue in many nursing facilities throughout the nation, including in New Mexico.

Cannabis may help in treating serious injury to brain

Traumatic brain injury is a severe condition that typically results from a blow to one's head. The blow can lead to serious, chronic symptoms for people in New Mexico and other states. However, researchers have discovered that cannabis may have the ability to slow damage associated with serious injury to the brain.

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