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Falls the leading cause of fatal injury among older adults

When you leave your loved one in a New Mexico nursing home, you want to feel confident that someone is looking out for him or her and making efforts to reduce any hazards that could potentially lead to injury. Regrettably, however, today’s older Americans are falling and injuring themselves at alarming rates, and many residents who suffer serious falls live in nursing home or assisted living facility environments. At the Harvey & Foote Law Firm, we understand that when older people fall, serious injuries often result, and we have helped many people who suffered injury or hardship because of nursing home negligence pursue appropriate recourse.

84-year-old nursing home resident allegedly raped

Nursing homes should be safe places for New Mexico citizens who can no longer care for themselves due to age or infirmity. However, with approximately one-third of nursing homes cited for abuse and neglect, mistreatment of nursing home residents, including sexual assault, is a growing problem. 

Should I worry what my senior relative watches on television?

It is common for people to worry about how television affects children. However, you might not be aware that what your aged loved one watches in a New Mexico nursing home is also important. Due to the greater emotional fragility of many seniors, particularly those who suffer from dementia, television can have a greater impact on a senior’s emotional state.

What are some barriers to nursing home safety?

If you have a loved one in a New Mexico nursing home, then you likely understand the importance of nursing home safety. You want to know your loved one is not going to be exposed to safety risks. The reality is, though, nursing homes often are fraught with safety issues. There are a few reasons why maintaining a safe environment is so difficult in this situation.

Federal report finds neglect, fraud in hospice care across the US

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Inspector General's office recently issued a report finding that, while patients can generally rely on hospice care to alleviate their suffering, too many hospice providers are neglecting patients and defrauding Medicare. The report compared patient records with Medicare payment data going back as far as 2005.

What to look for in assisted living communities

Assisted living communities in New Mexico offer many more amenities than a nursing home and greater independent living for a senior citizen. Whether your senior loved one should reside in an assisted living community or a nursing home depends on the level of independence your relative currently enjoys. Anyone looking at assisted living should also check carefully to see if the community offers proper care and support.

Bed sore risks for nursing home residents

If you are a New Mexico resident with a parent living in a nursing home or continuing care facility, you probably want to assume that the care they receive there is equal or superior to the care that you, yourself, would provide. Regrettably, however, this is not always the case, with nursing home abuse, neglect and understaffing all rampant problems across New Mexico and the rest of the nation. At The Harvey & Foote Law Firm, we recognize that bed sores are one of many problems that can arise when nursing home staff fail to uphold the duties of their job, and we have helped many residents and their families who developed bedsores because of nursing home neglect seek appropriate recourse.

Why stairs can be perilous for some seniors

While looking for a facility for your senior loved one to live, like an active living community or a nursing home, pay attention to the presence of stairs. According to the Centers for Disease Control, one out of every four seniors suffers a fall each year. Stairs can be a fall hazard for New Mexico seniors, and depending on the health of your relative, a set of stairs can be very dangerous.

Why summer heat can be a menace for seniors

While summer can be a great time to enjoy some fun in the sun, for senior citizens summer may be far from the happiest time of the year. Rising temperatures can pose serious health risks to New Mexico seniors, and although many people want their older loved ones to enjoy some sunlight, the truth is that great care must be taken with seniors and outdoor heat, particularly seniors who live in nursing homes.

How dangerous is a kitchen to a senior?

Loved ones of seniors want to promote the independence of their aging relatives whenever possible, such as finding New Mexico retirement communities that encourage them to use a kitchen to cook their own food. But kitchens can pose serious risks to seniors, particularly those who suffer cognitive impairments. Anyone who has an elderly loved one in a retirement community or a nursing home should first examine their senior's ability to handle a cooking environment.

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