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'Never events' should never happen in the hospital, but they do

Doctors and hospitals are required to comply with strict training, policies, procedures and guidelines. These rules are in place to protect patients and ensure that preventable errors do not occur and threaten people's lives and well-being.

Hypoxia: A serious birth injury

Medical malpractice leads to birth injuries far too often in New Mexico. In many cases, a birth injury can be caused by non-treatment-related factors, such as an accident, poor diet, drug use, alcohol use, smoking or just by random chance. However, the very serious birth complication known as hypoxia can be caused by either medical malpractice or non-doctor-related factors. If your baby suffered a birth injury due to hypoxia, you may want to determine if your doctor and/or the medical staff were at fault. 

Health care neglect during pregnancy may cause birth defects

Proper medical care during pregnancy is as important as the care provided during delivery. As in other states, New Mexico mothers likely rely on their obstetricians or gynecologists to adequately monitor their health care and the healthy development of their unborn children. Most women understand the dangers of taking drugs during pregnancy and would not expect their doctors to prescribe medication that is unsafe.

What patients should know about medical malpractice

Medical malpractice is a term that is used to describe negligent or reckless behavior from a medical professional. When patients face additional pain and suffering because of these actions, it is possible that they may have the right to seek compensation from a medical malpractice civil claim. It is important to know what could be considered medical negligence and what is a normal risk or effect from a medical procedure.

Does cerebral palsy result from hospital mistakes?

A birth injury can result from a variety of causal factors, but the vast majority of New Mexico birth injury cases are related to cerebral palsy or Erbs palsy (Erbs palsy is also known as brachial palsy). Both of these medical conditions can be caused by hospital mistakes or other medical malpractice during child delivery. Cerebral palsy can also occur before the delivery takes place and even after the delivery. In this article, the definitions and causes of cerebral palsy will be discussed.

Medical malpractice claims related to birth injury

Hospital administrators in New Mexico are under tight budgetary guidelines, and they are often searching for any way to cut costs and achieve more with less money. This cost-cutting kind of situation can have the disastrous effect on hospitals, and some see it as the institutions caring more about saving money than they do about saving lives. In situations where an accident occurs and a surgical doctor or hospital staff commit medical malpractice and/or surgical errors during the birth of a baby, the employing hospital may be liable for damages.

Medical malpractice: FDA Pharmacist who saved thousands turns 100

A pharmacist named Frances Oldham Kelsey recently turned 100 years of age. These days, the woman’s name is not very well known. However, in the late 1950s and early 1960s, her actions prevented a nationwide health catastrophe that would have resulted in thousands upon thousands of babies suffering birth injury and premature death. If only we had more individuals like this woman working at the FDA today, numerous medical malpractice and defective drug cases in New Mexico likely could have been avoided.

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