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Rapid decline and death leads to claim of nursing home neglect

Losing a loved one, regardless of whether the death was due to an accident or natural causes, is a traumatic experience for anybody. If the death was caused by the errors of skilled nursing home personnel, the trauma is escalated. New Mexico residents who must have elderly family members admitted to facilities where around-the-clock treatment is provided may agree that the standard of care is their primary concern. Unfortunately, nursing home neglect is often the subject of charges filed against facilities that profess to provide skilled care for the elderly.

Cameras might help prevent elder abuse in New Mexico

Understandably, there is a fine line between preserving an individual's right to privacy and protecting a person who might not be able to fend for him- or herself, even if a certain amount of privacy is sacrificed in the process. Adult children in New Mexico who oversee the care of a parent in a nursing home or other assisted living facility might take interest in a recent situation in another state where some have proposed an idea that they believe will help prevent elder abuse. The idea, however, comes at a cost -- one that opponents say is not worth it when it comes to a person's right to privacy.

Protecting individuals from nursing home abuse in New Mexico

The average life expectancy for a person living in the United States is just shy of 79 years of age. Compared to 1950, that represents an increase of about 10 years. By 2025, many experts believe that life expectancy in our country will be over 80 years of age. With an increasing number of elderly individuals living in the United States, including in New Mexico, more Americans will require care in a nursing home. Regrettably, some of them may be at risk of nursing home abuse.

Nursing home neglect may have New Mexico residents thinking twice

Many New Mexico residents may hope to be able to care for their elderly relatives when those loved ones are no longer able to care for themselves. Unfortunately, some individuals may need more care than their family is able to provide. As a result, relatives may become residents of nursing homes. However, nursing home neglect could lead families to think about other options.

New Mexico family members can help stop elder abuse

Most Americans will live to be approximately 79 years of age. However, average life expectancies have been rising steadily since 1950. Ten years from now, the average lifespan for individuals living in New Mexico and the rest of the United States should be more than 80. With more elderly people in the Untied States, we must be on alert for any instances of elder abuse happening to the ones we love.

Nursing home neglect an increasing concern as boomers age

Statistics point to the fact that the elderly population of the United States is growing. In the next 30-plus years, the population of individuals over the age of 65 is set to increase above 83 million. Due to the fact that our elderly population is growing, more and more individuals may be requiring nursing home services. For this reason, it is vital that authorities in New Mexico and other regions of the United States strive to ensure that our loved ones are being cared for with the best possible services at nursing homes, and that nursing home neglect is avoided at all costs.

Nursing home abuse blamed for resident's death

New Mexico is home to many different nursing facilities that, when run properly, offer a vital service to our state’s elderly population. However, not all nursing homes function in a way that benefits their residents. Indeed, the nursing home abuse and neglect that takes place daily in some of these facilities is both inhumane and dangerous to the lives of the people who call these facilities home.

Officials say nursing home neglect led to death of patient

Nine different nursing home employees are facing charges relating to the unfortunate death of an allegedly neglected nursing home patient. The patient was 72 years of age at the time of his death in 2012. The accused individuals in this case chose to plead not guilty on all the charges relating to the criminal nursing home neglect that prosecutors say caused the man’s death. Even though the nursing home that has become the focus of this case is not located in New Mexico, nursing home neglect and abuse cases have become a continuing theme in the United States.

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