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$4.26 Million Dollar Verdict Against Albuquerque Assisted Living Facility

Albuquerque, NM. An Albuquerque District Court awarded $4.26 million dollars in damages against Night N Gail Assisted Living for the death of an 89-year-old woman. The facility, owned by Kathleen Franklin, received multiple citations for violating state regulations in the years leading up to her death.

Avoid child injury by keeping New Mexico homes safe

Children who are too young to know the inherent dangers of many common household items can get hurt very easily in the average home. It is, therefore, wise for all New Mexico residents to take an inventory of their homes to see if they have any dangerous items that need to be put away and/or secured so that any visiting children will not have access to them. This could prevent a life-threatening child injury

Doctor's mistakes and medical malpractice in New Mexico

The healthcare industry is going through a lot of changes, both in how it operates and how it is structured. Hospital administrators in New Mexico are faced with the challenge of lowering costs and achieving revenue benchmarks, all while helping to heal the sick and injured who make their way through the hospital's doors. This idea of doing more with less can cause doctors and hospital administrators to make poor (and sometimes fatal) mistakes just so they can save a dollar or two to help the hospital meet its bottom line.

Does allowing kids at gun ranges increase risk of serious injury?

A recent fatal accident at a Southwest gun range has led to a great deal of debate among New Mexico residents as to the wisdom involved in allowing kids to shoot automatic weapons. The incident has been widely reported in the media and has sparked increased discussion on gun issues within a wider context. In light of this serious injury that led to death, many across the nation are wondering whether restrictions should be placed on the age of individuals who shoot these powerful weapons, even within a controlled environment.

Child who suffered serious injury in DWI crash still recovering

A 7-year-old boy was injured in a tragic accident last Mother’s Day. Following the car crash, he was rushed to the University of New Mexico Hospital to receive treatment. He required surgery to correct a serious injury to his jaw. According to his mother, she has not left his side since the accident occurred.

Child suffers serious injury after falling mall balcony

Albuquerque residents do their best to keep their children out of harm's way but sometimes accidents happen because of dangerous circumstances out of their control. For example, unsafe premises, faulty safety railings and unfenced in swimming pools have caused many children to suffer serious injury. In such instances, the person or business that is responsible for maintaining those premises can sometimes be held liable for neglecting to maintain their premises appropriately.

Death of 3-year-old results in jail time for New Mexico resident

Unfortunately, car accidents occur when we least expect them to. The majority of those accidents happen without injury, but some of them are serious and result in the serious injury or death of a loved one. When such an incident happens due to someone else's negligence, family members of the deceased have the legal right to commence a wrongful death claim for financial reparations.

Advocacy group: NMU study risks brain injury in infants

We established this blog as a forum for discussing injury-related issues that may be relevant to New Mexico residents. In our Albuquerque law practice, we represent clients who have suffered a wide range of injuries, including injuries resulting from auto accidents, medical errors, nursing home abuse and other forms of negligence.

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