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No resident is ever to blame for nursing home neglect

The last thing that you expect when you move into a nursing home is to be neglected by the staff members who are being paid to ensure you're cared for. Unfortunately, this is something that happens to senior citizens who have entrusted facilities with their care. If you're in this position, one of the most important things for you to remember is that this isn't your fault.

Why are so many nursing home residents neglected?

A report published by The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) regulators in July 2018 showed that there are inherent problems with nursing homes in the United States. One of the most glaring inadequacies had to do with staffing. Many facilities that were studied didn't have an adequate staff-to-resident ratio in place. This puts many residents at risk falling ill, getting hurt or losing their lives.

Nursing homes must combat malnutrition

Residents of nursing homes often rely heavily on the employees of the facility for help with their care. The need to have adequate nutrition is one that can't go unchecked. Nursing homes usually have a dietary services department that's responsible for ensuring that the offerings meet the needs of the residents.

Why do nursing home residents develop infections there?

Researchers published a study highlighting some of the dangers that nursing home residents face in the Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology journal last year. In that article, they highlighted how older nursing home residents are at a significantly higher risk of acquiring health care-associated infections than others. The researchers identified various reasons why this is the case.

Can most nursing home falls be attributed to neglect?

Families often place their aging loved ones into nursing homes because they believe that they'll be able to pay more attention to the loved one's every need than they can. What these family members often don't realize is how lighting, flooring, poorly selected furniture and inadequate handrails can put their loved ones at serious risk of getting hurt or killed.

Know the types of nursing home abuse that might occur

People who are living in nursing homes deserve to have a safe environment. They shouldn't ever have to worry about being abused by the employees who are supposed to take care of them. While most of the workers do care about the residents, there are some who act in a horrendous manner toward the people they should be caring for.

Nursing homes are unprepared to deal with coronavirus

New Mexico nursing homes may struggle with basic sanitation and infection control issues even without the threat of coronavirus. Nursing homes nationwide are routinely cited by the federal government for their failure to take measures to prevent infections among their residents. These nursing facilities may not do the simple daily things that keep residents safe from this possibly deadly ailment.

Feds launch National Nursing Home Initiative to fight neglect

On March 3, the U.S. Department of Justice announced the launch of the National Nursing Home Initiative, which is designed to crack down on negligent nursing home owners and operators in New Mexico and across the nation. The department has already begun investigating around 30 nursing homes in nine states.

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