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Physical abuse in nursing homes must be stopped

There are many types of abuse that nursing home residents can experience. Sadly, they often won't speak up about what they're going through because they feel like they are causing trouble. In some cases, they might even blame themselves for the abuse. There isn't ever a reason for nursing home residents to have to deal with any form of abuse.

Many cases of nursing home abuse and neglect aren't reported

Elder abuse in nursing homes is atrocious. No senior citizen should have to contend with these type of incidents. What many people don't realize is that just because there aren't bruises and other physical marks doesn't mean that there isn't a problem. In fact, emotional abuse is substantiated much more often than physical abuse.

Signs of abuse sometimes mimic those of dementia

Senior citizens who are living in nursing homes deserve the care they need to live their remaining days comfortably. Many employees who work in these facilities enjoy working with the elderly population and work hard to take care of them. Unfortunately, there are some abusive individuals who see the situation as a way to make others suffer.

Ask nursing home residents questions about how they're doing

Nursing home abuse and negligence are serious matters that plague many residents. When you have a loved one who is in a facility, you likely want to keep an eye on them to ensure they get the care they need. When nursing homes have to prevent visitors from coming into the building, there is more room for these vulnerable residents to suffer harm at the hands of those who are supposed to care for them.

Nursing home worker faces charges after abuse on video

Many people in New Mexico move their elderly or disabled loved ones to a nursing home in hopes that they will receive skilled care that keeps them safe, especially if they are experiencing memory issues. However, these relatives may also worry deeply about their loved ones' treatment in a care facility, especially if they are unable to visit on a frequent basis. Nursing home residents may be particularly vulnerable to abuse or neglect, especially as they could have difficulty speaking about their experiences due to memory issues and other serious illnesses.

Elder abuse may rise as population ages

As baby boomers age, nursing homes in New Mexico and across the United States are reaching capacity. This may mean that many nursing homes are understaffed and that managers don't have the time to properly train staff. Experts believe that this may be the reason there has been an increase in elder abuse cases in nursing homes.

A depressing rise in elder abuse incidents

Many New Mexico families have elderly loved ones who are showing signs of physical and mental health deterioration. While some are able to have them treated at home, others are unable to and instead place them in nursing home facilities. Unfortunately, residents around the country are often the victims of elder abuse, and it can take many forms.

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