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Accusations of nursing home neglect result in lawsuit

Patients of nursing homes in New Mexico and across the nation often rely on a facility to provide treatment they require. With many patients suffering from debilitating conditions that reduce their ability to care for themselves, similar facilities often promote the ability to provide a certain standard of care, which unfortunately isn't always the case. A facility in another state is facing a lawsuit after recently being accused of nursing home neglect.

Fines and an investigation follow allegations of elder abuse

A care facility in another state has recently been the target of fines and an investigation into allegations of abuse. Elder abuse is a serious issue that is unfortunately far too common. Patients of nursing homes in New Mexico and across the country who are targeted for abuse often suffer in various ways, and may be unable to do anything to prevent such negligence.

Disabled child suffers serious injury after feeding tube mistake

Parents of children with special needs may be particularly reluctant to entrust the care of their children to just anyone. In fact, parents in New Mexico may carefully research or investigate potential caregivers to ensure their fragile children are protected from an accident or serious injury caused by negligence. One woman is dealing with just such a tragedy after her 10-year-old daughter was permanently injured by allegedly untrained staff at her school.

Serious injury, death of child may stem from medical negligence

The health care industry, just like many other sectors, has experienced major changes in its structure and operation over the years. For this reason, administrators at hospitals in New Mexico face the same types of challenges that leaders do at other large businesses. Their efforts to control costs and achieve projected revenues, however, may result in medical negligence. Sadly, it sometimes results in the serious injury or death of a child.

Surgical error can result in serious injury to children

When a parent entrusts his or her child to the care of a physician in order for the child to undergo a necessary surgical procedure, he or she has the right to reasonably assume that medical personnel will take every precaution to protect the safety of the child. Surgical errors occur in various hospitals throughout the nation, including some in New Mexico. Serious injury can result to a patient when a member of the surgical team makes a mistake.

Pediatric dentist faces allegations of causing serious injury

Because children are so vulnerable, parents are naturally concerned when their children need medical or dental care. New Mexico parents whose children are exposed to negligence or violations of treatment protocols as mandated by the state have the right to take legal action if their children suffered serious injury during medical procedures. Parents in another state recently filed a class action against a pediatric dentist, alleging that he inflicted pain and torture to their children and mutilated and humiliated them.

Mistakes by medical staff may have led to girl's brain damage

New Mexico residents may have heard about a surgery that took place in Dec. 2013 on a young girl. A 13-year-old girl went to the hospital to undergo surgical treatment for her sleep apnea. Unfortunately, the family believes that mistakes that occurred at the hospital by the medical staff are what led to the unfortunate brain damage and injury that the girl has suffered.

Avoid child injury by keeping New Mexico homes safe

Children who are too young to know the inherent dangers of many common household items can get hurt very easily in the average home. It is, therefore, wise for all New Mexico residents to take an inventory of their homes to see if they have any dangerous items that need to be put away and/or secured so that any visiting children will not have access to them. This could prevent a life-threatening child injury

Child injury blamed on hospital mistakes in New Mexico

For most of us, it is not a life or death situation if we make a mistake on-the-job. In the case of doctors in New Mexico, the actions they take can save a life or end a life in an instant. A doctor's actions can heal a serious injury just as easily as any mistakes can cause catastrophic injuries. For this reason, physicians need to be supported with a professional support staff, appropriate equipment and smoothly operating medical facilities to provide the high-level services that are expected and deserved.

Serious injury alert: Some baby powders may contain asbestos

Unfortunately, construction workers are not the only ones in danger of asbestos exposure. New Mexico residents who use talcum powder or baby powder on themselves or their families could be experiencing dangerous levels of asbestos exposure capable of causing serious injury. Talcum powder is a common ingredient found in baby powders and cosmetics too.

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