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Vape pen explosions may cause serious injury

Many people in New Mexico have taken up vaping as arguably a healthier alternative to smoking. While some use e-cigarettes as an interim between smoking and quitting, others simply enjoy the sensation of vaping.  Recently, however, vape pens have been blamed for a serious injury nearly once a week, and medical experts are issuing urgent warnings.

Samsung victim suffered permanent damages from burning phone

Few people in New Mexico will deny that burns are among the most excruciating injuries a person can suffer. Depending on how deeply into the skin the burn goes, the victim may be left with permanent damages such as physical scars and psychological trauma. Burns heal slowly and require specialized treatment that often adds even more pain to the already suffering patient. When burns occur as the result of a defective product, those enduring the suffering may seek some restitution.

Test may help with diagnosing serious injury to brain

Brain injuries can drastically impact a person's life in New Mexico, including ongoing memory problems and other cognitive difficulties. Researchers are constantly looking for ways to improve a diagnosis of serious injury to the brain and the quality of life of those who have suffered this type of injury. One test is currently being developed to provide a clear diagnosis of this condition.

Serious injury may stem from catastrophic accident

A major vehicle accident in New Mexico can easily lead to catastrophic injuries, including burn injuries. Serious injury from such an accident may unfortunately result in permanent damage that may keep you from being able to return to work. Your injuries might also prevent you from performing your normal activities of daily living.

Catastrophic injury: Third- and fourth-degree burns

Burn injuries range in severity from first-degree to fourth-degree burns. Third- and fourth-degree burns are the worst kinds of burns from which a New Mexico resident can suffer. Every time the Harvey & Foote Law Firm encounters a burn case involving such a catastrophic injury, they know that it is important to ensure that the victim receives proper medical care and has a complete evaluation of the extent and cause of his or her injuries.

Burn injury claims related to children

At the Harvey & Foote Law Firm, some of the most difficult cases we have ever seen involved children who suffered burn injuries. A burn injury is excruciatingly painful, and it is one of the most painful to survive. Watching a child go through this kind of turmoil is difficult for any person involved in the case.

Can flash-bang grenades cause serious injury?

A newly published study has taken a close look at the safety of flash-bang grenades. According to the study's results, flash-bang grenades -- which are used by police as crowd-control tools -- could result in serious injury and even death. Also referred to as "stun grenades," police often use the devices during drug raids and riot situations. It is possible that they are even being used in New Mexico.

Burns and serious injury from fiery car accidents in New Mexico

A car accident can change the life of a victim in an instant. Indeed, the serious injury that commonly stems from car accidents includes broken bones, traumatic brain damage, back and neck injuries and serious burns. With regard to burn injuries, these can be some of the worst from which New Mexico car accident victims suffer. 

Serious injury after iPhone 6 burns whole through man's pants

Albuquerque residents may be interested to know the story of a man in a neighboring state who was burned by his iPhone 6. The story has drawn attention from national media outlets after the hottest new phone on the market allegedly caused the man to suffer second-degree burns. He says that his iPhone 6 caught fire in his pocket and burned a hole straight through his pants. He claims that he suffered a serious injury on his leg as a result.

Fireworks: How to prevent a serious accident

Whether a New Mexico resident is the one using the fireworks or just a spectator, these exploding spectacles can be dangerous. During the Fourth of July, New Year's and other events, fireworks can cause a serious accident at any time. Fortunately, though, by following a few useful tips, the average New Mexico resident can help to limit his or her chances of suffering an injury.

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