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What happens when nursing homes are understaffed

It is never easy to accept the fact that one of your parents may be better off living in an assisted living facility. Having full confidence in the facility you and your loved one choose can soften the blow, but regrettably, many American nursing homes and continuing care facilities fail to maintain adequate staff.

Key characteristics to identify poor care facilities

People place their elderly loved ones in the care of certain facilities with an expectation that the facility and its staff will diligently take care of and look after them. Unfortunately, some facilities fall short of this mandate, which can create hazardous conditions for those aging family members.

3 dangers of psychotropic drugs in nursing homes

When you make the difficult decision to transition your elderly parent into a nursing home, you doubtlessly trust that the facility you choose will provide adequate care. The last thing you would expect is that the professionals working there would be negligent and perhaps even abusive towards your loved one. Unfortunately, however, this happens more frequently than you might think.

As many as 1 in 4 cases of nursing home abuse

A recent government audit in 33 states found that more than one out of four possible cases of abuse against nursing home patients were not reported to authorities. In the cases that were reported, nursing homes frequently violated the reporting guidelines and failed to report the incidents within the required timeframes.

Nursing home abuse scandal raises serious concerns

Sending your beloved, elderly parent to reside in a nursing home is rarely an easy choice. Rather, it is a decision that can be filled with doubt, guilt and fear. In some cases, it is a family’s only option. Placing your parent or grandparent in a nursing home requires a massive amount of trust. Sadly, that trust is sometimes broken.

The Choices That Could Help You Avoid A Nursing Home As You Age

Eating right and exercising are the keys to a healthy lifestyle. Most of us try to stick to these premises in hopes of not just staying in shape in the short term, but to keep our bodies functioning well for the long haul. We want to have a long life and one of quality. No one wants to think about spending the last years of their life suffering, in pain and dealing with the inability to care for yourself.

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