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New Mexico legal options for fatal prescription errors

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2020 | Wrongful Death |

When people have complex medical needs, families in New Mexico often struggle to ensure that those needs are met on their own. As such, some turn to nursing homes for help ensuring that appropriate care is provided. One of the most important parts of caring for residents in these facilities is managing their drug therapies. However, prescription errors can have tragic, even fatal consequences.

For many patients, the medications that they take are lifesaving or provide significant improvement to their quality of life. But many have suffered after being administered the wrong medication, the wrong dosage or a drug that interacts negatively with other medications they take. Unfortunately, a relatively small mistake can be dangerous.

There are those in New Mexico who are suffering from the effects of a drug error. Many of these victims, including surviving family members in the case of a fatality, turn to Harvey & Foote Law Firm. Our experienced attorneys can help victims understand their legal options following a variety of different types of prescription errors at nursing homes, including a caretaker who administers an incorrect medication, a doctor who prescribes a medicine that is wrong or to which the patient is allergic or a pharmacist who mixes medications that are incompatible, among other scenarios.

Cases involving allegations of prescription errors are often complex. Fortunately, our attorneys are experienced with these types of cases and have the necessary resources to thoroughly review all details of an allegation of medication mistakes. An initial consultation could be the first step toward justice for those who lost a family member to negligence on the part of workers at a nursing home.