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Nursing homes must combat malnutrition

Residents of nursing homes often rely heavily on the employees of the facility for help with their care. The need to have adequate nutrition is one that can't go unchecked. Nursing homes usually have a dietary services department that's responsible for ensuring that the offerings meet the needs of the residents.

Even though healthy foods might be plentiful for residents, there are times when the individuals need to have their intake monitored to ensure they're eating enough. There are several things that employees can do when a resident is thought to not be eating enough.

One of the primary methods to combat malnutrition is to document what they're eating at each meal. This gives a tangible account for what's going on, and it can prove useful if the person starts to show signs that they aren't getting enough food.

Malnutrition is a serious condition in the elderly population. They are likely to lose weight quickly if they don't have enough food. This can cause them to become frailer than they already are. They can become weak, which may lead to an increased fall risk. A fall could lead to serious injuries.

Another component of the plan for caring for residents who might not be eating enough is monitoring their weight. They will likely also need to receive medical care so a doctor can determine if there is something amiss with them.

When residents do suffer malnutrition and don't receive the care they need, there is a chance that they'll have an increase in medical issues. It may even turn fatal. Not getting them medical care and failing to ensure their needs are met can be considered nursing home negligence, so seeking compensation might be a logical step in this situation.

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