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Negligence in nursing homes can lead to resident deaths

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2020 | Wrongful Death |

Having a loved one in a nursing home means that you’re trusting the staff members to take good care of them. Many people who work with residents take pride in getting to know them and help them live the fullest life possible. Unfortunately, there are sometimes staff members who are just there to make money and don’t have any interest in making sure the residents are cared for properly.

Negligent care at a nursing home can devastate the residents. This can occur in many different manners, including the residents not getting adequate food or water. Sometimes, they might not get the medication they need to manage medical conditions. Refusing to provide them with medical care and not ensuring they have help with hygiene needs can also occur. Even overlooking safety hazards is a huge issue because these can lead to serious injuries.

While it isn’t a common occurrence, there are times when a nursing home resident might be neglected to the point that they pass away. This isn’t ever acceptable, and it demands that the loved ones who are left behind take swift legal action. A wrongful death lawsuit sends a firm message to the nursing home that the actions of the employees weren’t acceptable.

We know that this is a traumatic time for you. We’re here to cover the legal matters so that you can focus on moving through the grief process while you mourn your loss. We realize how important it is to hold the liable parties accountable for what your loved one when through. Your wrongful death lawsuit against them is one step in the right direction.