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December 2018 Archives

The dangers of molds in nursing homes

When you see black spots on your bathroom walls, you know it is time to break out your best cleaners. Mold growth is not just a problem for ordinary homes, though. New Mexico nursing homes can also face problems with mold, which may in turn harm residents if the mold is not dealt with in a timely fashion.

What are the average damages for wrongful death?

Losing a loved one is never easy. That would be especially true if your loss came as a result of someone else's neglect. Having someone you trust take actions or omit duties that led to the death of a family member: It is the exact type of thing you would never expect to happen to you. Unfortunately, you are at risk for this exact tragedy when do you put your aging parents or grandparents into New Mexico nursing homes.

What can nursing home neglect look like?

Plenty of New Mexican residents like you trust nursing homes to treat your loved ones with respect, kindness, and care. Unfortunately, that doesn't always happen. Harvey & Foote Law Firm are here to help if you believe your loved one has suffered due to the neglectful actions or behavior of staff at their nursing home.

Why do nursing homes use psychotropic drugs for dementia?

New Mexico dementia patients require a lot of care due to their declining memory and cognitive abilities. In many cases, nursing homes will use psychotropic drugs to help sedate and calm dementia patients. However, using these drugs is not appropriate for dementia patients, and as of the past decade, the Food and Drug Administration has required manufacturers to place warning labels on these drugs.

Be able to notice the signs of elder financial abuse

Elder abuse sadly occurs in many nursing homes around the country. USA Today tracked where many of these instances happened. Although it did not have reported data for New Mexico, it is safe to say the state still has a long way to go when it comes to ensuring all senior citizens in nursing homes are safe. 

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