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September 2018 Archives

84-year-old nursing home resident allegedly raped

Nursing homes should be safe places for New Mexico citizens who can no longer care for themselves due to age or infirmity. However, with approximately one-third of nursing homes cited for abuse and neglect, mistreatment of nursing home residents, including sexual assault, is a growing problem. 

Should I worry what my senior relative watches on television?

It is common for people to worry about how television affects children. However, you might not be aware that what your aged loved one watches in a New Mexico nursing home is also important. Due to the greater emotional fragility of many seniors, particularly those who suffer from dementia, television can have a greater impact on a senior’s emotional state.

Why is heat so dangerous for the elderly?

It is not uncommon to hear about heat-related deaths of elderly adults when temperatures soar in New Mexico. The heat is hard on anybody, but elderly individuals have an increased risk due to a few different factors. UC Davis explains that older adults often have health conditions, such as diabetes or heart problems, that can lead to issues with circulation and affect heat dissipation within the body. These medical conditions can affect how heat affects their bodies or make them unable to tell when they are overheated.

Is posting abusive pictures of seniors a problem?

If you have an elderly grandfather living in a nearby nursing home in New Mexico, you probably would not expect to find a picture of your grandfather online, and you certainly would not want to discover a picture of your loved one being humiliated by the staff of the nursing home. Yet in recent years, some people have found images of their senior loved ones being photographed in embarrassing situations by nursing home employees. It is a problem that is increasingly being covered in national news, and people should be aware of it.

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