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Is nursing home abuse always physical?

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2018 | Nursing Home Abuse |

Nursing homes can be very wonderful places where you can take your loved one when he or she can no longer live alone. These New Mexico facilities have trained staff and medical professionals on site who can provide the level of care that you may not be able to. However, turning the care of someone you love over to strangers is not always an easy thing, and there is always the chance for abuse. However, not all abuse in a nursing home is physical. There are other types that you need to watch for as well.

According to Nursing Home Abuse Support, neglect is actually one of the most common types of abuse. Neglect could be anything from not giving medications as directed to not giving a patient a basic level of care. Neglect harms your loved one because he or she is not being treated properly. It can lead to medical issues and health issues. Your loved one may also face being ignored. This can lead to emotional and social issues.

Verbal abuse is another issue. A staff member may harass your loved one or say mean things to belittle him or her. This type of abuse can be difficult to prove and hard to discover unless your loved one is articulate enough to let you know.

Often abuse and neglect do eventually lead to physical signs, which is why it is common to think all abuse is physical. However, it may not start that way. Often by the time physical signs are apparent, the abuse has been going on for some time. So, be aware and attentive so you can spot signs of all types of abuse in a nursing home situation. This information is for education and is not legal advice.