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August 2018 Archives

What are some barriers to nursing home safety?

If you have a loved one in a New Mexico nursing home, then you likely understand the importance of nursing home safety. You want to know your loved one is not going to be exposed to safety risks. The reality is, though, nursing homes often are fraught with safety issues. There are a few reasons why maintaining a safe environment is so difficult in this situation.

What causes fires in senior living communities?

In recent years, news stories across the country have described tragic instances of senior living facilities catching fire. The consequences of these fires have included the displacement of senior residents, the hospitalization of some seniors, and even deaths of senior home residents. Because many New Mexico seniors have reduced physical mobility, they cannot escape from a burning building easily, with some requiring assistance to even move at all. Experts have identified several causes of fires that are common to senior living communities.

Is nursing home abuse always physical?

Nursing homes can be very wonderful places where you can take your loved one when he or she can no longer live alone. These New Mexico facilities have trained staff and medical professionals on site who can provide the level of care that you may not be able to. However, turning the care of someone you love over to strangers is not always an easy thing, and there is always the chance for abuse. However, not all abuse in a nursing home is physical. There are other types that you need to watch for as well.

Federal report finds neglect, fraud in hospice care across the US

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Inspector General's office recently issued a report finding that, while patients can generally rely on hospice care to alleviate their suffering, too many hospice providers are neglecting patients and defrauding Medicare. The report compared patient records with Medicare payment data going back as far as 2005.

How big of a risk is apathy?

If you have a loved one in a New Mexico nursing home, then it is important for you to understand the health risks your loved one may face. One of the more serious risks that may not always get the attention it deserved is apathy. According to Nursing Times, apathy is when a person has a lack of interest and motivation to do things. It is often associated with depression since the person may not be reactive or emotional in normal situations when a reaction or emotion would be reasonable.

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