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What to look for in assisted living communities

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2018 | Nursing Home Neglect |

Assisted living communities in New Mexico offer many more amenities than a nursing home and greater independent living for a senior citizen. Whether your senior loved one should reside in an assisted living community or a nursing home depends on the level of independence your relative currently enjoys. Anyone looking at assisted living should also check carefully to see if the community offers proper care and support.

Seniors who live in assisted living residents are more independent than nursing home residents but are not totally free of the need for daily care. According to seniorliving.com, they may require help with aspects of life like putting on clothes, taking a bath, or domestic chores like preparing a meal, cleaning laundry or shopping for groceries. Still, assisted living residents are independent for the most part. They do not require constant assistance or monitoring, and are capable of moving about.

Assisted living communities have a variety of options depending on the health needs of a senior. Some elderly only need to have their medicine and meals managed, otherwise their minds are fairly sharp and they can function independently otherwise. Other seniors may suffer memory problems and need marked directions to guide them to a dining room or their own residence. Seniors who suffer from dementia may need a secured floor to keep them from wandering off.

It is important to examine assisted living communities carefully because according to the New York Post, not all of them have a full time medical staff on hand. They may lack a doctor or even a registered nurse, which can cause residents to rely on emergency medical care and hospital visits. Also, without a medical professional on site, a senior might not receive medical assistance quickly enough if it is needed.

The right assisted living community is one that can handle the needs of your senior loved one. In addition to asking whether the community has medical staff on site, you should also ask about the proximity of the community to a nearby hospital, as well as the services the hospital offers, to make sure your senior has sufficient medical options in case of an health problem or emergency.