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Nursing home security is just as important as medical care

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2018 | Nursing Home Neglect |

There comes a time in life where elderly parents and loved ones need extra help in their daily lives. Age takes its toll, effecting physical capability and mental state. Many people spend their later years in a nursing home or senior care facility because they are vulnerable to their surroundings. A controlled environment limits exposure and maintains their safety.

These centers aren’t just about medical resources, but overall well-being. Medication, access to medical professionals and regular socialization are important, but so is the environment itself. Patients pay the price when a facility lacks security or other fundamental infrastructure.

price when a facility lacks security or other fundamental infrastructure.

When the environment isn’t controlled

One unfortunate recent example takes place in San Francisco. A 75 year-old woman, said to have dementia, wandered outside of her senior care center and was reported missing. She was later found deceased in the stairwell of a nearby establishment.

Her family has experienced significant grief, both when filing the missing person report and in the subsequent news of her passing. It’s a situation no family should experience. While dementia likely played a role, the issue happened because of lax security.

When people don’t do their jobs

In any senior housing, security should know who is coming and going from their building. The purpose isn’t just about medical care, but providing safety for those who can no longer take care of themselves.

Every detail and every job position in the organization plays a role. If a home lacks security or if an employee is negligent in their task, they are responsible for a breach of duty. Anyone experiencing nursing home neglect or negligence should seek immediate action to protect the health of their loved ones who are under its care.