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What is wandering?

Wandering is a serious issue that often is associated with dementia patients. If you have a loved one who has dementia and who lives in a nursing home in New Mexico, then it is worth understanding this condition. As noted by Managed Health Care, wandering can become a safety issue and if your loved one is not properly taken care of, it could become a case of neglect. It is not simply a matter of a person just walking around without a cause. Understanding what causes wandering is important for proper care.

This action is where a person walks around without a real aim. They may even go outside and not be completely aware of what he or she is doing. Often wandering is due to a need of some kind. The person may need to go to the bathroom or be hungry. It may also be due to a need for physical exercise or as a response to stimuli, such as seeing a hallway and being triggered to walk down it. It is essential that the nursing home staff pays proper attention to your loved one to provide for his or her needs and reduce the chances of wandering. This means checking on him or her often, keeping doors locked to prevent leaving the facility or simply being more available to him or her because of the tendency to wander.

Wandering becomes dangerous if your loved one has balance issues or tends to try to get to the outside. This could put him or her in a serious situation where he or she could be injured. It is essential that you make sure your loved one is not being neglected. The nursing home staff should have a plan to care for your loved one that manages his or her wandering tendencies. This information is for education and is not legal advice. 

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