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November 2017 Archives

Is nursing home abuse properly reported?

If you have a loved one in a nursing home in New Mexico, then you probably have concerns about his or her safety. When you looked for a nursing home, you likely did research and looked at its reputation. You may have inquired about instances of abuse. Your main goal was to ensure your loved one would be well cared for and safe. 

How can I avoid diagnosis errors?

Most of the time when you fall ill or become hurt, you go to the doctor in Albuquerque for medical help to get better. You expect to receive a timely and accurate diagnosis. Doctors often must rely on their deductive reasoning skills, knowledge, diagnostic procedures and staff to provide a level and quality of care to give you the right results. When there is a breakdown in procedure, competency, knowledge and communication, the results often have catastrophic ramifications for patients and their loved ones. 

Nursing home abuse scandal raises serious concerns

Sending your beloved, elderly parent to reside in a nursing home is rarely an easy choice. Rather, it is a decision that can be filled with doubt, guilt and fear. In some cases, it is a family’s only option. Placing your parent or grandparent in a nursing home requires a massive amount of trust. Sadly, that trust is sometimes broken.

Special care for Alzheimer's patients

Those who have loved ones with Alzheimer's understand how difficult this disease can be. It can turn an otherwise healthy and viral person into a helpless, almost child-like person. Because of the way this disease affects a person, it is essential that they receive proper care, especially if they are in a nursing home facility. Care facilities in New Mexico should be chosen carefully by those who are looking for one for an Alzheimer's patient.

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