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Family wins medical malpractice claim re child’s birth injuries

On Behalf of | May 13, 2017 | Birth Injury |

Birth injuries can have severe consequences, often causing a child in New Mexico or elsewhere to endure physical and emotional challenges throughout the course of life. Advancements in health care over the years have helped reduce the chances for such devastating occurrences, but they unfortunately continue to occur, especially when negligence is present. A family in another state was recently awarded $23.1 million in a medical malpractice lawsuit involving a child that suffered permanent brain damage at birth.

The mother of the child chose a specific hospital on account of the presence of a neonatologist. She asserts that because of her age, she was considered a high-risk pregnancy, and likely wanted to obtain the best care possible. She claims that there were certain complications during the delivery, and that hospital staff attempted to reach the doctor numerous times without success.

The doctor was eventually contacted at home, and he advised that he had forgotten to take his cell phone and pager home. Upon arrival, he attempted to treat the child, who would wind up spending several weeks in intensive care. The initial delay in treatment apparently caused the child to suffer permanent brain damage, and she is reportedly reliant on others in nearly every aspect of her life. According to reports, a judge determined the doctor culpable of negligence in relation to the birth.

A child should never have to suffer in such a way on account of the negligence of another individual. When a family in New Mexico is forced to face such a tragic circumstance, they could choose to retain the services of an attorney for advice on available legal options. An attorney can assist a family in pursuing restitution through a medical malpractice claim against the party or parties deemed at fault.

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